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◢ ◤ The Avicii Discography Rate ◢ ◤ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mina, May 6, 2018.

  1. LiK


    Count me in! I'm a huge fan of his and it's just another reason for me to once again dive into his amazing catalog. Will check out the Spotify playlist to brush up on some older songs I haven't listened to in a hot minute.
  2. Awesome! I look forward to your ballot.
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  3. Mandarin?
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  4. I believe so, but I don't exactly have the best track record for this sort of thing...
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  5. I’m also dedicating it to you.
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  6. Can Rita snag the most 11s if the rate, beating early favorites [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]?
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  7. I'm definitely doing this.

    I never really got into his music, so I'm ready to delve a little deeper here.
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  8. YAS. I look forward to receiving your ballot!
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  9. Great initiative @Mina. Despite being on this forum for over half my life, I've never participated in a rate. I won't this time either, but I had to stop by to share my complete anger over the fact that Madonna not only rejected ”Rebel Heart” as her lead single, but the version she eventually chose to put her album was awful. A mastered version of the demo would've been a HUGE hit. At least all over Europe. Still think it's one of the biggest missed opportunities of her career.
  10. You could always participate to give Rebel Heart the justice it deserves! It's only 46 songs and around 3 hours of listening time, similar to a PJ00s round, and commentary isn't required. But if not, no worries!
  11. I'm in the same boat. The few songs I know bring me back to high school, so I'm excited to finally give his stuff a listen.
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  12. This is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me!
  13. Glad to hear it! I look forward to receiving your scores.

  14. You're so used to giving... zeroes?
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  15. Moreso that the mention of Queen Rita seems to have interesting effects on people!

    But will it hold up with the scores?

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  16. This one goes out to @ohnostalgia and @Robsolete:

    ~3 weeks + 2 days left to cast your ballots

    I'll spill some leaderboard tea when we reach 5 ballots.
  17. I quite adore this performance of Lonely Together. The first one after Avicci passing:

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  18. If I get time I'll join in. It would be good to delve deeper. Thanks for thinking of me.
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  19. Awesome! I hope you're able to vote - I'll include you in reminder tags.
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    How's everyone doing so far? I'll post another album spotlight this weekend, and probably start the reminder tags for everyone who's expressed interest at the two week mark.
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