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The award-winning Orphan films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Aug 21, 2022.

  1. Oscar buzz is building around queer pop icon, Esther, and the long awaited sequel to Orphan, O2phan (official title).

    It was made available to stream on Peacock on the US this past week. It's coming to the UK in the next two weeks.

    Surely the franchise will just continue to grow and expand at an incredible pace due to the fervent reception that the first two, heart-wrenching films have received.

    Join Esther as she exposes the perils, lies and manipulation of the foster care system. She bravely challenges patriarchal family structures and, most importantly, makes us question society's ageist views.

    Also she's a sociopath.
  2. Seeing the first one in theaters is my biggest accomplishment. I knew I was a part of history.
  3. Vera Farmiga and Julia Stiles as your adopted mothers? The other Orphans could neva.


    I loved the second movie. It was camp, it was for summertime. The dad was amazing as well.
  5. When I went to see the first film in a packed screening, the cinema's air conditioning broke, so as the film ramped up and up, the theatre got warmer and warmer.
    By the end everyone was having a hot, sweaty, great time watching a new camp classic before them

    (And we got a free ticket for next time)
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  6. I've been meaning to share my two cents about this since I saw the prequel but the thing that keeps coming back to me was how the director cared so much to make sure the angle and shots were from a distance or helpful enough to hide the girl who plays Esther's height but then in the third act, he was like fuck it, you should know by now she's not an actual child!
  7. In the new one
    when Julie Stiles is all "I'm going to go and fuck MY husband now"

  8. I watched it last night, it was amazing. One of the most entertaining horrors in the last two years.
  9. I'm so looking forward to watching First Kill. I just rewatched Orphan in preparation and forgot how good it was. Vera Farmiga really was mother for that, literally.
  10. O2phan was a goddamn delight. You won’t find a more enjoyable cinematic experience. Esther cements herself alongside Michael, Freddy, Debbie Salt, Gabriel, Jason, Brenda Bates and Ma as one of the defining icons of the horror genre. Shockingly, Julia Stiles truly holds her own in this and serves as a perfect foil to Mama E. The twist had me gooped, and despite the final act feeling a bit anti-climatic, I was incredibly entertained from start to finish. You won’t laugh harder in 2022 than you will seeing O2phan: First Foster Family Takedown (but also, not really because it’s made clear that Esther has done this before).
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  11. I’m gonna rewatch the rise of Esther cause I forgot how the 2006 movie went.
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  12. Uno


    The twist was really fun - I was nervous it was going to tread the same ground as the first film but the campery of it all kept it fresh enough.
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  13. It kinda makes you realize...there's an Estonian orphan who escaped from a mental institution inside all of us.
  14. I wish this was a bit longer. It kind of ended once it really got going.
  15. LOVED THIS! I was living through it all but that twist was *chef kiss* never saw it coming, but then after the movie I suddenly remembered a Netflix documentary about a kid doing the same, probably where they took the idea from.

    The kid lied about being the missing child only to find out the brother killed him and the family was covering it up, so they all went with it

    However this was executed to perfection, they played it out great, making you think you know where things are going. I'm also living for Isabelle who looks like was having a blast on set and so happy to return, you can feel the love in this silly movie.

    Honestly they should make 3 more movies back to back and cement Ester as the killer icon she already is! I would be there on premiere day.
  16. Now that is how you do a twist! Might like this even more than the first. We've decided to stan forever.
  17. Yeah, this was pretty great, in all its assumed campy glory. I laughed a bit too much, kept thinking about this post:

    Esther jamming to Maniac and smoking while driving just made my day.
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  18. The twist really did serve us a gag!
  19. No way. The Imposter, based on my Googling? If so, absolutely will watch.

    I loved the second movie. Julia Stiles made me feel very "I say that's my baby and I'm proud dot gif." What a HOOT.
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  20. Yes! And it’s a very good one! The cinematography is great and the story is just as bonkers.
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