The award-winning Orphan films.

Julia Stiles putting in her earphones on the plane instead of bonding with her daughter she hasn’t seen in like 5 years. Queen.
Okay I just got to the twist and I understand why now fjdjdjjd
This movie. I can’t believe it’s real. The sexy dad, Julia Stiles, Esther giving horror icon, the scenario, ‘psycho dwarf’, the rat smoothie. Hit after hit. It’s Esther’s big pop girl moment.
In an effort not to lose my Ellen Pompeo #1 Stan status I'd be remiss not to mention that she's about to produce/star in an 'Untitled Orphan Limited Series' that is seemingly unrelated to these films but... sounds the same? (I've actually yet to see them but they're on my watch list for this spooky season).

In the untitled show, a Midwestern couple adopts what they believe is an 8-year-old girl with a rare form of dwarfism. But as they begin to raise her alongside their three biological children, they slowly start to believe she may not be who she says she is. As they question her story, they’re confronted with hard questions of their own about the lengths they’re willing to go to defend themselves, falling into a battle that’s fought in the tabloids, the courtroom, and ultimately their marriage.

Created and written by Katie Robbins, the project is inspired a true story. The shocking case, which has drawn parallels to the 2009 horror movie Orphan, made national headlines in September 2019 when Kristine Barnett and her ex-husband Michael Barnett were charged with neglect for allegedly abandoning their adopted daughter Natalia, who has a rare form of dwarfism, when she was 9. The parents have claimed that Natalia, whom they adopted when they thought she was 6, is in fact a mentally disturbed adult woman who threatened their lives. Most of the charges against the Barnetts eventually were dismissed; Natalia has denied the accusations that she is a grownup con artist.
I won’t explain myself, but I’ve had a lifelong hatred for Julia Stiles (I think I was born with it), to the point where I would have an overwhelming urge to walk into traffic when I saw her morose face gazing down at me from billboards for Riviera.

But after THIS?

Maybe it was because I was hungover and tired but this didn't do as much for me as I'd hoped. I think mostly the ending was a disappointment.
Managed to catch the last showing at my local theatre. The
Julia Stiles twist was sooo delicious; honestly could’ve watched a three-hour version of her and Isabelle Fuhrmamn throwing jabs and serving cunT.
Esther knicking the jeep, flipping the bird and proceeding to drive whilst bopping to Maniac and applying some lip colour—CAMP!

If we don’t get a third instalment by 2035….

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