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Right For You (feat. Lil Silva)

Score: 5.675

My Score: 7
Highest: 10 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)
Lowest: 1 x 2 (@nikkysan, @Verandi)

Lil Silva, is an English DJ, producer, singer and songwriter. Silva and BANKS met in 2013 while signed to the same label, Good Years. The two quickly became good friends and frequent collaborators, and Silva would eventually become the principal producer on BANKS' debut album Goddess. With songs like "This Is What It Feels Like" and "Goddess", Silva's production basically helped set the foundations for what we now know as BANKS' "sound". So put some respect on his name! Their more experimental songs from those sessions, would eventually end up on his own 2014 EP, Mabel. Here's what you guys had to say about one of those songs "Right For You".

OspreyQueen (5) - She sounds very nice but this almost sent me to sleep.

Music Is Life (8) - I was just bored listening to this.

evilsin (8) - Pretty much the same deal as "Don't You Love".

Untouchable Ace (9.6) - These artists work really well together.

Sprockrooster (10) - Loving the production in this track a lot as they elevate the song to greater high, but both Lil Silva and Banks are vocally just on point. Especially when Banks come in creating a comforting chill.



[artwork by ohnostalgia]

Don't You Love (feat. Lil Silva)

Score: 5.834

My Score: 7.5
Highest: 9.7 x 1 (@Untouchable Ace) 9 x 2 (@Ana Raquel, @soratami)
Lowest: 2 x 2 (@alejandrusco, @happiestgirl)

happiestgirl (2) - Almost unlistenable...those repetitive wormy synths

Sprockrooster (4) - This is way too spacy for me.

OspreyQueen (6) - Four and a half minutes of electronic fluff and a few vocals. Not unenjoyable but I’m not rushing to click the “add to library” button.

sfmartin (3) - This is odd. It doesn't work for me, nothing really happens. I do like the production in the middle, but then I don't like what happens next. The production doesn't work. Drags goes on forever. Nothing much happens.

constantino (8) - I know this isn’t really a ‘Banks song’ in its own right, but I really love this one. The production takes me back to the not-too-distant past, when the world felt like less of a cesspit.

godspeed (8) - Lil Silva and BANKS need to get back in the studio ASAP.

Music Is Life (8.5) - It takes way too long to get going. Love the production though.

evilsin (8.5) - The instrumental is delicious, wish there was a bit of a variation with the lyrics.

Untouchable Ace (9.7) - Sounds like I have a new artist to explore.

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Even though I fucking love Lil Silva's atmospheric sound (and the boy's a fucking snack, let's get that out of the way too), both Right for You and Don't You Love Me mean very little in the grand scheme of BANKS' discography in the end.

I will, however, give him kudos for helping shape Jillian's sound to what it is today as his work on Goddess is exquisite. Yes, one of his productions maybe two is a definite 10 for me.

Now let's get rid of those covers, shall we?

And @Music Is Life, honey, I love you and your scoring ways, but what even are those scores if you don't like the songs theaux.
"And I don't give a damn shawty, watch me knock them boots off!!!"



[artwork by ohnostalgia]

What You Need (The Weeknd Cover)

Score: 5.903

My Score:
Highest: 10 x 2 (@elektroxx, @RUNAWAY)
Lowest: 0 x 1 (@OspreyQueen) 1 x 2 (@alejandrusco, @Hurricane Drunk)

Me adding this cover to the song list:

Every time I listen to this I think about that viral tweet; "don’t change the pronouns on your cover you coward, for the next three minutes, you’re gay!", cause for those five minutes she really has me convinced!

BANKS performed this cover on BBC Radio 1 in 2013, shortly after completing her first ever tour, as a support act for The Weeknd's North American Fall Tour. An opportunity she considers to have given her an early career boost. Here's what you lot had to say about it:

OspreyQueen (0) - I suppose this is technically a good cover, but there’s no way I’m giving anything more than a 0 to anything involving T*e W****d.

Ana Raquel (5) - Not really a fan of the original either sooo...

Sprockrooster (6) - Bleh.

sfmartin (6) - very seductive.

constantino (7) - TMI perhaps I got a semi listening to this nn, her power!

godspeed (7.5) - I've never liked this cover as much as I wanted to, considering both BANKS and The Weeknd are some of my favorite artists. The strange and murky beauty of the original song remains untouched. However, I've been wanting for them to work together ever since I heard this cover. And considering BANKS actually opened for him and worked with one of his protege - 6LACK - I'm surprised it didn't happen yet...

Music Is Life (8.5) - Gorgeous vocals

evilsin (8.5) - I don't know, feels like an original song to me.

Dijah. (9) - I’m so glad she didn’t change the pronouns. This cover was so good.



In Between (feat. 6LACK)

Score: 6.047

My Score:
Highest: 9 x 2 (@Dijah., @elektroxx)
Lowest: 2 x 2 (@Hurricane Drunk, @Verandi) 3 x 1 (@Veeis)

"In Between" comes from the 1-year anniversary re-release of 6LACK's (pronounced BLACK, or how I say it SIX LACK) debut album "Free 6LACK", alongside two other additional songs. I personally think it's a nice little R&B song! Some of ya'll didn't quite think so:

evilsin (5) - This is quite alright, but leans a bit to the background music territory.

Sprockrooster (6) - I am honestly more drawn in this song by 6LACK than Jillian to be honest.

godspeed (6.5) - I really expected A LOT from this collab and the result was quite underwhelming and forgettable unfortunately. Hopefully, we'll get more 6ANKS' tracks in the future that will be a better testament to both of these fantastic artists' abilities.

Music Is Life (7) - Oh my God make it STOP. His vocals are just ugh. She sounds great though. Okay wait maybe he’s not that bad. But the delivery at the beginning of the song – ugh.

Untouchable Ace (7.5) - 6lack isn't a K-pop girl group?

Remorque (7.5) - I was actually ready to trash this, not being familiar with the song, but I was pleasantly surprised. Jillian's not only the hook girl here and it's a fully realized duet between her and 6LACK. The lyrics also spoke to me in more ways than one once they really hit me too.

OspreyQueen (8.5) - The chords in this are absolutely gorgeous, and I love how their voices kinda sound like they’re staggering over the limping beat.

Dijah. (9) - I wish they would collaborate more. Their voices fit together so well.

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