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The Bargain Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by multimediac17, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Every year around this time there's a great big CD sale in the Brisbane convention centre and it is literally the highlight of my year.

    Last year I got, among a shitload of other things, Chemistry and The Sound Of The Underground for 2 dollars each, this year I got three Donna Summer albums ($1 each), Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Trip The Light Fantastic ($3), the four ABBA albums that I didn't already have ($10 each), the entire Eminem discography ($5-10 each), a bunch of Sugababes albums including the original Taller In More Ways for $5, the best of Visage and Take That's Beautiful World for a dollar.

    I hadn't heard anything from the Take That album but bought it because it was so cheap. Now that I've heard it I'm thinking of frisbeeing it out my window.

    There are literally stacks and stacks of Girls Aloud and Sugababes albums down there being practically given away, so if anyone is in the area they should really go have a poke about.

    Bargains and bargain stories make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, so let's all share our finds.
  2. I just got Monrose's "Temptation" and "Strictly Physical" off eBay for £15, which I consider a bargain.
  3. I got Rihanna's 'Don't Stop The Music' and 'Take a Bow' for 50p and £1, respectively from what's left of Woolies.

    Then i got a shedload of music for free from Amazon, that was good.
  4. I didn't take full advantage of the Amazon thing, only got three No Can Do remixes.

    And only one was good. :(
  5. I got my mum the new Guns 'N' Roses album off the Amazon thing. She said it was complete gash so I'm glad I didn't buy the physical copy for her (I got her the Beyoncé album instead). I got myself some live Kylie songs, the Frankmusik EP, Saint Etienne's 'Burnt Out Car' and a few Pet Shop Boys songs.

    So, all in all, a good haul off Amazon.
  6. The WAWA remix?
    My friend is obsessed with that remix, its good but if I hear it again I will be breaking her ipod in two.

    I haven't been sales shopping yet but the week before Christmas I got Smash Hits Party (3 CD and a karaoke CD) for £4.99, I Am...Sasha Fierce 2CD for £5.99, Kings Of Leon - Only By The Night for £5.99, Gilmore Girls Seasons 1 and 2 for £6 each and Tomb Raider Underworld for £14.99.
    All in all, pretty good.
  7. That's the one! I'll bear in mind not to play it in your vicinity.
  8. Are these WaWa people new? I've not heard of them before, and everyone's talking about them.
  9. They remixed Alphabeat's Boyfriend recently.
    And I remember last year they remixed Keep The Fire Burning, Anything by JoJo and Stranger by Hilary Duff, all great.
  10. Ooh that's not too bad. I can't 100% remember but I think I paid about £7 for 'strictly physical' when I was in Germany in February and I got 'Temptation' for about 70p + £1 postage off eBay before with a 'Shame' single thrown in too - Now that's a bargain! I paid a fortune for 'I Am' off but I did get it the day after release so I was happy!
  11. There wasn't much of anything in the Woolies/Zavvi/HMV type "sales" for me, but I found some great bargains in the charity stores over the weekend (49p for a rare Respond Records sampler LP from 1983!) and yesterday I took a stack of stuff up to the exchange shop and got myself some great stuff there in return, including Laura Branigan's "Hold Me" on CD!!!

  12. If you like the score to this game, it's available free from some official site I've never been to before. Now that's a bargain!
  13. Well really I was paying for Strictly Physical, which everywhere else is about £15 or more, but when I saw that it came with Temptation I thought "Why not? I could do with a lovely loud high quality version of 2 Of A Kind".
  14. I got Dusty Springfield's 'Dusty In Memphis' for £10 in HMV, a bargain i thought, seeing as that was the only place, and that was the only copy there, that sold them.

    I'm not very happy with the bonus songs being the mono mixes. America got 14 bonus tracks!
  15. I got to go somewhere where there is a HMV!

    I bought:
    MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
    Ladyhawke - Ladyhawke

    2 for £10


    Stephen Fry - The Liar for £3


    Pride and Prejudice (2005) for £3

    Bargains the lot of them!

    (Yes, I just copied and paste this from the I got... thread)
  16. Yeah that edition is a bit of a con, although the booklet is great. I got the American one too, but the bonus tracks aren't that amazing 'Natchez Trace' and 'I Found My Way' are the only ones I really like.
  17. Willie and Laura Mae Jones is amazing! And i LOVE the booklet too, i was having a good old read of that yesterday, it's packed full of fascinating tidbits, and rare cover sleeves for the singles too. I also liked the little touch that was making the CD appear as a Philips vinyl.

    Question Lisa: do you like the green cover with Dusty's face? Cos i prefered the cover on Wikipedia, it looks more stylish and sexy.
  18. I love Willie and Laura Mae Jones (it's on the See All Her Faces album too), in my mind the video would have been Dusty singing it with The Muppets in a Deep South setting. The rare cover sleeves are amazing too and hilarious in some cases.

    The UK cover is iconic but I do like the other cover, I think it's the same pic I used for my Dusty painting on myspace.
  19. Ooh, you've done a portrait?
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