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The Bargain Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by multimediac17, Dec 30, 2008.

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    HMV/Fopp seem to be dropping prices on recent releases quite quickly. All their albums of the year are £8, things like the deluxe of Ellie Goulding's album are £10 instead of £13. Which is about right in the first place, I think...
  2. I think it's something they do every single year at this time. I remember getting burned in 2014 with Shirley Bassey's then-new album, which had £3 off the week after I bought it.
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  3. I'll be more annoyed if and when they sell the deluxes off again for £3, than taking £3 off.

    £13 is too much to start with. I did it once, for the Don Henley album because I'd waited 15 years for a new CD by him and my girlfriend is also a huge fan, but that went down to £9.99 within a month too.
  4. Well, the old model was;

    3 CD singles with a few B-sides and the CD album = £18-ish

    The current model is;

    Deluxe CD with 3-6 bonus tracks and extra/limited packaging = £13 we're actually a bit better off in terms of cost and space they take up maybe. B-sides just became deluxe bonus tracks. I always buy the deluxe edition of every album I buy.
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  5. When it's 5 or 6 tracks, I am more tempted. But when it's literally two (hello Jeff Lynne!) then it's just taking the proverbial.
  6. I think in general value for money terms, the Deluxe approach is indeed better than the old 'cd and associated cd singles' model. What I find though, is that the extra tracks dilute the album somewhat. A new release becomes a 15 or 16 track listen, and by the time you get to the end when some of the 'bonus' tracks aren't *that* good, it becomes a slog to listen all the way through. It also takes away the whole impact of the final track on the proper lp. I suppose a lot of artists don't think in that sense these days, but it did used to be an important part of the lp sequencing to pick the perfect final track.

    It's where we are though, and ultimately I'd rather be getting the songs on cd format in some shape or form, so things could be worse.
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  7. I don't think I've ever come across a deluxe edition with just 2 bonus tracks. It's usually 3 as a minimum, and 3 tracks for an extra £3 isn't that bad. Loads of people hate them, or so it seems, but I agree that I'd rather have extra music on CD. There's been plenty of outcries when there isn't a deluxe CD but there is a deluxe iTunes version, so it goes both ways. I guess the choice is there and you don't have to buy the higher priced CD. As for it spoiling the album... yes, people like Ellie Goulding seem determined to fill that 80 minute disc at any cost, but then you can always press stop! It would be nice if deluxe tracks always took the form of a bonus CD. What I can't forgive is Target's monopoly on bonus tracks... Charli XCX, Ellie Goulding, Seal, Adele... all offering something the UK editions don't, and cheaper (£8.60 in fact, someone just bought one for me).
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  8. Totally agree on Target; I am inadvertently sorted out okay for that, but it's not right.

    And as much as I don't like the more expensive deluxe option, I think the current scenario where you at least have a choice is fine. I'll have to check the ELO deluxe tracklisting, but I'm almost certain it's just two extra songs.
  9. If there's enough bonus tracks I sometimes tag them as a virtual "CD2" (with the main album as "CD1") just to separate them out. Often do that with re-issues.
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  10. It's got to be the deluxe edition every time.

    Now this isn't *such* a bargain but it felt like it to me.

    A while back somehow I lost my fan edition of Tangled Up so managed to get it for a tenner on eBay. I literally squealed when I saw the package had come through the post. Yes that was one of my more-gay-than-usual moments.
  11. Treat this one with care, don't let it get covered in dust (dust dust).
  12. So, the black Friday 50% off sale at FunkyTownGrooves looked good on the surface. I put 20 CDs in my shopping basket and when I got to the checkout they wanted an astonishing £31.00 for postage!

    Obviously I wasn't too impressed. The average unit cost without postage was £3.78, which jumped to £5.45 with postage added. Most of the titles are available on Amazon marketplace for £5.98, so not much of a saving. Also, that Amazon marketplace seller does their fulfilment through Amazon, so there is no postage cost when ordering this many items or if you have Prime (which I do). The marketplace seller is actually FunkyTownGrooves under another name anyway, Silky Soul.

    So, I dropped all the titles where there wasn't a significant saving to be made and only ordered the items which would cost me over £9.00 either from FTG or Amazon. This meant that 6 CDs remained and I made a saving of over £22 on those including the postage, which was a good deal.

    Not so impressed by the postage costs though. For the 6 CDs I got charged £10.00 for postage. The package arrived franked for £3.00, so clearly they are clawing back a large part of the savings in the profit they make from postage.

    I'm sure they would sell much more if their postage rates were fair. My order would have been over £100, but due to this I reduced it to just over £30.
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  13. Today's Google Play 99p includes Kylie Christmas. (Other 2 being Sam Smith & Paloma Faith Outsiders Edition)
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  14. I'll have to register for Google Play just for Kylie and Paloma!
  15. How much of your soul (ie private information) do you need to surrender for Google Play?
  16. Eric, it's no more or less than I-Tunes.
  17. I've just read/heard a few things about the one-for-all Google accounts. I'll keep this in mind though, because they're good offers.
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  19. Is the 3 Disc ABBA Gold Steelbox remastered?
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