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The Bargain Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by multimediac17, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Once you have one, you want them all. As I've found out!
  2. How odd. It's also worth mentioning that you had to ask for the The Human League boxset behind the till, it wasn't on the open shelves. That was in Leeds anyway.
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  3. I think the Bath branch of HMV specialises in never having any bargains...
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  4. 'Something for the weekend sir?' Yes please, that bloody Human League box set you're hiding...!
  5. In some ways, I prefer HMV not having boxsets out on the shelves...not because people might pick them up and manhandle them (although that is likely in itself), but because of those awful "security" devices that wrap cord around the boxes which digs into them. They're ruined before they've even left the shop.
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  6. Agreed, although some indication of what they are hiding in the back would be great. If Anfunny hadn't tweeted about it I would never have had any idea that The Human League boxset was there at all. In fact, I'd already been to HMV that lunch time and had no idea of the sale.
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  7. My local puts a dummy case (blank with details/price printed in bold text) in the racks for any boxsets, which is probably the best way.
  8. Ah, I must admit that I didn't check if that was the case in Leeds.
  9. Calling all fans of electronica!
    Check this comp out...

    did't know about these touched comps until today, 255 tracks for a tenner (or more if you want) and all proceeds to McMillan Cancer Support, just got to track five, wonderful stuff from 808 State, featuring the singer from It's Immaterial,odd collab but it works brilliantly , they should do an album together.

    I'm sure I'm the only one here who hadn't heard of this project for the interested here's a link to an interview with the guy behind it
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  10. The HMV sale starts today - that's why some had trouble finding anything earlier. Looks like some stores were a week early by mistake! All stores should have a big sale section from today...
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  11. HMV have most of the Crowded House deluxes back down to £6.99 (Woodface is sold out online,Temple of Low Men & Intriguer are currently out of stock online)
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  12. The T'Pau Bridge Of Spies 2CD is £3.99 in HMV.
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  13. Yeah, instore seems to be the same items that have been around for a week or so at the sale prices (either in a few stores or online). Plus some more recent albums down to 3.99 or 4.99.
  14. ABC's Lexicon Of Love II is also £3.99... if anyone was waiting for a cheap bargain on that.
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  15. I saw that last week and wept a little inside.
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  16. Phil Collins's But seriously reissue is £7,99 on Amazon Uk
  17. Price matched with HMV again. Some good offers in their Crazy Deals at the moment...

    Prince - both Hit N Run CDs @ 3.99
    Billy Ocean 3.99
    Rush 2112 40th 9.99
    Soul II Soul 5 Albums set 6.99

    ..and probably loads I've forgotten!
  18. I see an orange amazon banner above. Is there supposed to be something else?
  19. It's the way the new forum software displays links and images...they don't show up like they used to.
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  20. Some excellent deals in the Great Offer Store easter sale :*/Easter-Sale/

    Underworld - Second Toughest...super deluxe £10
    James - Laid/Wah Wah...super deluxe £10

    Lots of cheap vinyl as well. Stuff seems to be going fast.

    £7 courier delivery, but that seems to be a flat charge so well worth it if you're ordering a few things.
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