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The Bargain Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by multimediac17, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Yep....freaked me a bit at first, but if the problem's serious enough you can get a human to call you...not ideal for me, but that's progress!
  2. I am dumb, never noticed!
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  3. Managed to pick up Saturday Night Sunday Morning from River Detectives for £1.99 plus the Ruby Trax NME 3 CD set for the same price. (did have another but one disc was faulty)
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  4. Result!
  5. Love the River Detectives album, Chains should have been a smasheroo!

    I got The Blue Nile High for £1 today, is it anywhere near the first two?
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  6. It isn't, but it's a sweet listen all the same.
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  7. Sadly not quite, but then nothing really is. Some beautiful tracks, and overall I felt it was closer to the Blue Nile spirit than Peace At Last. That was a little too acoustic and rambling for me at times, whereas High evokes that rainy night-time-in-the-city-vibe with the title cut and She Saw The World, plus it has the gorgeous I Would Never and Stay Close which sonically is the bookend to Over The Hillside from Hats.
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  8. Enjoying Marika Hackman’s recent singles? Been a bit tardy picking up her earlier releases? iTunes have a deluxe version of We Slept At Last for £5.99. 27 tracks (album and three eps I think) and four videos. Bargain!
  9. VERY happy to have just picked up The last copy of Robyn’s ‘Honey’ on vinyl for £9.99 in my local HMV sale. Did I need it? No. Want it? Yup!
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  10. This has been mentioned in the vinyl thread already, but HMV have a pretty sweet CD and Vinyl sale that started today including Madonna’s latest, Spice Girls greatest hits vinyl, Carly Rae Jepsen, Scissor Sisters, Chic, Chaka Khan, Ariana....

    I only went in for a browse but came back with:
    Spice Girls - Greatest Hits Picture Disc vinyl £9.99
    Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins CD £4.99
    Chaka Khan - Hello Happiness CD £5.99
    Ready Player One OST £2.99
    Jonas Blue - Blue CD £2.99
    The Vamps - Night & Day CD/DVD £2.99
  11. An HMV sale???? How very retro.

    (Please don't tell they've put the deluxe of Carly's latest in it).
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  12. It was £2.99 but to be honest I didn’t check if it was the deluxe or not, sorry dude! I have the deluxe already so I figured it was best to not even contemplate whether I’d paid a tenner more for it on release day.
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  13. Hmv sale what £2.99 for a cd, i am not paying those prices when i can get them 20p from a charity shop, daylight robbery... lol , they kept that quiet was in there over the weekend not even a whisper of a sale.
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  14. Amazon currently offering a load of the Sony-label "Twelve Inch Eighties" 3CD sets for 2.99 each.

    I got 7 of them for £21, which works out at literally a quid per disc.
  15. Do we know anything about possible Black Friday offers yet?
  16. It was £2.99 in my store, sorry :(
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  17. Tho even at that price I wonder how many of them I really want/don’t have already...
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  18. Some of the tracks are from vinyl too, I have discovered. Grr.
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  19. Have HMV or Amazon not done a sale this year? I remember buying loads last Christmas.
  20. They have, pretty low-key but some decent deals to be had.

    Simple Minds 40: 3CD £5
    Recent stuff @ 4.99
    Some Blu-Rays @ 1.99, boxsets from 4.99
    Outlander S1-3 DVD 11.99, S1-2 Blu-Ray only 7 quid!

    That's a few things I've seen or bought. Generally if the amazon price has dropped suddenly, they're price-matching the HMV sale.
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