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The Bargain Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by multimediac17, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Both doing a range of 2 cds for £15, as well as some individual reductions (got latest Foals album for £4 in HMV)
    Also lot of Blu-ray bargains - both series of Preacher for £7 in total

    I certainly lightened my wallet by the time I’d left the store!
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  2. Got the first 3 seasons of The Blacklist for under a tenner in HMV, seemed a good deal. The reductions on the Outlander sets was a bit of a surprise, but I've got them all now.
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  3. Probably not many Genesis fans here, even fewer Tony Banks solo ones I expect, but anyway....

    The 4-disc boxset "A Chord Too Far" is 7.49 in Lossless CD quality download format at QoBuz. Consider the CD set is still about £30 and even the mp3 version is a ridiculous £30 on Amazon.

    Insania ahoy!
  4. £5.50 on Amazon for the new Tame Impala!
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  5. Run? More like sprint!!
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  6. Mine arrived today. I do love the Tame Impala artworks....
  7. There is 15% off everything excluding pre-orders over at Cherry Red Records. It was supposed to be Monday only but their site was down pretty much all day.

    I've just ordered:
    1. Liza Minnelli - Results Expanded Edition
    2. Mel & Kim - FLM - bought the singles boxset a few months ago so I'm guessing there isn't anything on this that wasn't on that? But will be nice to own nonetheless.
    3. Sonia - Everybody Knows
    4. Dusty Springfield - Reputation - bought purely off the back of discovering the amazing Liza Minnelli results album this weekend!
    5. Princess
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  9. Results, for you! Well done, good haul. Have been trying since Monday lunch time but the site still won't load for me at all.
  10. I got the email for the Cherry Red sale, pity it was only 15% off and the Aussie dollars has dropped again.
    But I did notice the first two Howard Jones deluxe 2CD, DVD albums were back in stock, so couldn’t resist snagging them.
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  11. Me and my husband did rather well out of that Cherry Red sale, thanks for the heads up.
  12. That’s very generous! Name rings a bell but cannot place any of her tunes.
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  13. Each download album also has a neat PDF booklet with full lyrics and some liner notes/thoughts. Clearly a labour of love for her.
  14. Ridiculously generous, always meant to listen to her stuff. Might pick a couple, thanks EG.
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  15. I started with the mid-late 80s albums, having looked on Wiki those were the ones I would read reviews of in NME/Q etc. She was on Reprise/Warners at that time; there's a great-looking Compilation from 1992 that I might pick up online as well, depending on how much I love these albums.
  16. Wow, that is so generous.
    I have her albums Maria and When I Was A Boy on CD but kind of lost track of her over the years.
    I'll definitely get a few of the newer albums.
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  17. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    I already owned this and a couple of singles, but I downloaded the City compilation because It Can't Rain All the Time remains one of my favourite songs of all time that I don't actually own on anything:
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  18. Ooh love Jane!

    Mimi on the Beach was a staple on Canadian music video shows in the '80s.
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  19. Yes, the City comp looks good to me...there are a couple of Peter Gabriel collaborations on there that I never even knew about! I thought I'd researched everything PG when putting together my mammoth anthology, but these slipped through the net.

    I must know the k.d. lang duet from the Wim Wenders film soundtrack for Until The End Of The World; will probably recognise it when I hear it again.
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