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The Bargain Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by multimediac17, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. kd lang has done gorgeous performances of a few Jane Siberry songs. "Calling All Angels" is probably the best known (and is incredible) but also "The Valley" and "Love Is Everything" from Hymns Of The 49th Parallel are Jane songs. "The Valley" might be my favourite kd performance ever.

    As for Jane solo, I only have her Summer In The Yukon compilation, so I don't know much, but "In The Blue Light" is lovely.

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  2. Oh I recognise that from Crow soundtrack. Think the greatest hits may be sufficient for me.
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  3. Couple of online sales on at the moment:

    Cherry Red are offering (a measly) 10% off with code LOCKDOWN10 this weekend only.

    Mute are offering 20% off up until the end of May with code MUTEATHOME

    Think I'll take advantage of the Mute sale in a couple of weeks.
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  4. I have picked up the majority of Jane’s work prior to 2000 and have lost count of the number of times I’ve been distracted by what seems like self-indulgent warbling, only to be sucker punched by something so gorgeous it brings me to tears.

    The actress Sarah Polley covered the Jane song One More Colour in the movie The Sweet Hereafter, and it remains a favorite of mine. The album Maria is also really solid, as is When I Was a Boy.

    I got the chance to see her live in about 2007 and one of the pricing options was “a gift from Jane.” Probably the only time I’ve seen an artist do that!

    Fun fact - she also holds an advanced science degree.
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  5. That’s good - still odd that DM have some ‘new’ singles on there even tho not on Mute anymore.

    may pick up some New Order stuff as well
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  6. Oh, I thought DM were still on Mute for UK/Europe but now on Columbia just for the US ?

    I'm thinking of picking up some DM, Goldfrapp, Erasure and New Order to fill in the gaps.
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  7. M People boxset (without the limited edition signed lyric sheet) now sub-£40 on amazon.

    Great set....just make sure the DVD works if you purchase it!
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