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The Bargain Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by multimediac17, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Thanks for this @little ern ! Managed to get some of the Mike Oldfield back catalogue that's missing from my collection, plus the latest Heaton/Abbott CD.
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  2. You're welcome Eric!
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  3. Popped into my local HMV this afternoon and managed to get a copy of the Simple Minds 40:The Best of 1979-2019 three CD set for £2.99 (currently sold out online on their 2 CDs for £6 promotion)
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  4. Wow, I though £5 for that last year in an Amazon deal was a bargain. Crazy times.
  5. Thanks! Few sold out I wanted but some bargains winging their way to me too!
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  6. It's kind of worrying when you see a sale like this, because a lot of those are deep catalogue titles that you don't come across very often so some kind of warehouse/distributor clear out.
  7. A brief look at page one of that HMV sale link... to the best of my knowledge all 24 titles are from Universal Music labels.

    Uh oh.

    HMV wouldn't be selling these off so very cheap if they still had standard returns rights in place - overstocks would be sent back. There appears to be a problem with their trading relationship with the industry's biggest major.
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  8. Exactly my fear.
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  9. Well spotted. Some of these seem really recent to be sold off so cheaply.
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  10. I mean I'm inclined to agree with you after they had to cancel all of their Universal preorders from 26th June - 10th July (which meant that Jessie Ware's exclusive HMV vinyl had to be rerouted to her online store and the HMV OBI's were destroyed) but is there any way that Universal thought they couldn't shift these themselves so HMV bought them in specifically for the sale?
  11. Possibly, yes! From the outside looking in, we can't definitively know.
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  12. Managed to pick up Japan's Oil on Canvas and Gentlemen take Polaroids for £2.99 each in HMV

    I've already got the original release cds, the limited edition reissues from a while back, but would be rude not to have the jewel case versions too
  13. Just picked up Tears for fears Songs from the Big Chair and The Hurting Super deluxe editions from HMV for £29.99 and £24.99

    I did buy them when they first come out but then I lost my job and had to flog them to raise some money.

    I've got the mp3's anyway so these are staying sealed
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  14. I have them from the first reissue, they are great albums and are well done, wish i`d kept mine sealed.
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  15. Blimey. All the hassles everyone went through to try and get those at all, let alone discounted. Nice one! Hope you made a decent profit on the ones you had to flog.
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  16. It wasn't much, probably only a tenner by the time ebay and paypal took their cut. At least I have the box sets again in all their glory (even though the hype sticker says Songs form the Big Chair)
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  17. I haven’t opened mine yet. They do look nice sealed. I hate unsealing my music items. And I hate having this hang-up.

    And yet I can hear Anfunny saying you bought them so enjoy them!
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  18. There are rumours that The Seeds of Love box is coming this October....
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  19. I re purchased them yesterday so i have opened and now unopened.
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