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The Bargain Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by multimediac17, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. To be fair, the H17 tracklisting looks very good. I didn't bother with that because I have everything multiple times, but some thought went into that one at least.
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  2. Some bargain CDs at with free delivery which might be of interest....

    S Club 7-Essential (3 CD set) is £2.72
    Status Quo-Whatever You Want:The Essential (3 CD set) is £2.72
    Rod Stewart-Handbags & Gladrags:The Essential (3 CD set) is £2.72
    ABC-Essential (3 CD set) is £3.04
    Level 42-Lessons In Love:The Essential (3 CD set-2017 release) is £3.04
    Level 42-Essential (3 CD set-2020 release) is £3.45
    Blur-Parklife (2012 special edition 2 CD version) is £6.96
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  3. Today in Poundland in Sutton Coldfield their "Replay" CDs were reduced to 50p, and after a bit of research it seems at least some other Poundlands around the country are selling them for 50p too, if anyone else is interested in what are basically Music Magpie-sourced used CDs.

    The usual typical Poundland shelves full of CDs was now just about 20 or so lying scattered on one shelf, but I did manage to find and buy k.d. lang's 1988 album Shadowland!
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  4. Went in another Poundland today 15 miles away - and this one had Replay CDs reduced to 50p too! But even less choice and I bought nothing.

    I'm wondering if Poundland have finished selling CDs after 10ish years so are selling the old stock off and won't be getting any in again.
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  5. Wouldn’t be surprised- the store I popped in on Thursday only had about 15 CDs in total.
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  7. I couldn’t find much I fancied. And not enough to hit the £20 free postage limit sadly
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  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I get 26 pages?
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  9. Yeah, clicking the link above, I got 600+ items. The HMV email took me to something with 35 items!
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