The Bear (Disney+ / Hulu)

Season 2 is one of the best seasons of TV ever. This is an all-timer show. Everything is peak. The acting, the writing, the cinematography, the music, the continuous shots, the juxtaposition of moods... just everything. 10/10.

and Richie is a treasure.
I started watching this last night - series 1, I did 3 eps. I don't know what to make of it so far but will stick with it due to the reviews. Small point, but I am slightly perplexed by the restaurant itself - is it just a sandwich takeaway place? We've seen the room with seating and the old arcade games but not actually seen any customers sitting in there. And I didn't get the point in ep 1 of all those people lining up outside dressed in costumes carrots etc). Maybe it was explained but I missed it.
Jamie Lee throughout the Xmas episode


And the Guest Emmy goes too...
Just finished season 2 - my jaw was on the floor the entirety of the 'Fishes' episode. One of the best hours of television I can remember watching.

The way each episode pretty much feels like a contained short film, but contain callbacks to other parts of the season - literal chef's kiss.

For me the real breakouts of the season were Natalie AKA Sugar and Tina (the karaoke scene!!!!). I also ended up warming to Ritchie which I don't know how to feel about.
Gotta be the most overrated show of the year.
I’m struggling to see why it’s so praised. The episode in series 1 where they catered for a kids party and accidentally drugged all the kids - what was the point? There was no consequence from it.