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The Beatles

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Bored To Tears, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Baby, you can drive your car (out of the fucking way)
  2. Team Eric's Dad.

    Why does this not surprise me? A former co-worker told me he was an usher at a Macca concert and he was acting like a smug (insert word). Staff were not allowed to wear leather (fine, it's keeping with his principles) but my friend did not have good things to say.
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  3. Me and @mump boy were in a Paul McCartney video sometime around 1998. Before he arrived the whole cast had been told not to speak to him, avoid eye contact, only call him Sir Paul etc.

    He arrived all thumbs up and came straight over to say thanks to us and and hoped we had a good day, sat and ate lunch with all the dancers, if I remember shared a joint with some friends of mine outside.

    In the promo we were all dressed as various different characters (Salsa dancers, Hassidic Jews, Skater boys etc). There were a few boys dressed in American policemen's uniforms and in the afternoon during a break were messing around in the carpark pretending to shoot each other with their plastic guns. Someone is the houses overlooking was obviously alarmed and the real police were called. An armed unit turned up.

    Whilst the dancers dressed as policemen were on their knees hands in the air trying to explain it was a Paul McCartney video. Next thing we know Macca himself came ambling out and saved the day before someone actually got shot. He shook hands, signed autographs and generally charmed the cops.

    He was absolutely lovely. What I've learnt over the years is that super famous people are often delightful. It's the B Listers that are nighmares.
  4. The Sgt. Pepper one is perfect. Still mad Revolver didn’t get one.
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  6. Just shows how weak the retail market is right now, doesn't it. Depressing.

    Classic album, obviously. But I've bought it twice already (1987, 2009) and don't need Giles Martin's indie landfill remix in my collection.
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  7. I've only recently taken time to sit and listen to The Beatles music and found myself watching hours of YouTube clips, documentaries, Anthology series and suddenly I've ended up becoming a bit of a fan.

    I even purchased Revolver on vinyl and Magical Mystery Tour too (these are my favourites at the moment).

    I know Sgt. Peppers and Abbey Road are considered their best (by most it would seem) but I found them to be a bit hit and miss. They may just require further listening.
  8. Revolver and Magical Mystery Tour are my favourites. I think Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road are a bit overrated.
  9. Rubber Soul and Help! are excellent too.
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  10. I love Sgt. Pepper (not a fan of Abbey Road aside from “Come Together”) but Revolver and Magical Mystery Tour deserve as much praise.
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  11. Sgt Pepper is great, but it has some filler and it is very "of its time", whereas some of the other music they made between 66 and 68 is more timeless.
  12. I have a few Beatles CDs sitting around and yet I still haven't buckled down to listen to them. I really need to rectify that since it's not like I haven't had the time recently.
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  13. Happy to see it's not just me then. I'm glad Magical Mystery Tour (the US album) is now considered 'canon' as I think the UK version was just an EP at the time, right? Not a fully fledged album. It definitely works so well as a whole concept.
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  14. Yes, Magical Mystery Tour was a double EP in the UK, then they added the 1967 non-album A and B sides for an American release and it eventually became part of the Beatles canon everywhere.

    Come Together is amazing. I listened to the version on the "1" remaster last year and it blew me away.
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  15. If Pepper lost "Lovely Rita" and "When I'm Sixty-Four" and replaced them with "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Penny Lane" I think it would be pretty much perfect. But it wasn't to be, thanks to EMI / Capitol demanding a single.
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  16. It's so strange today, thinking that back then they would not include a song on an album if it had previously been released as a single. Imagine that happening today?!

    Was this standard at the time, do we know, across all labels and for all artists/bands or something The Beatles spear-headed?
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  17. The Beatles were definitely one of the major proponents of creating an even around non-album singles. And making the pop album a standalone piece of art in itself, before that they were soundtracks, compilations or just a bunch of tracks bunged together by labels.

    I don't think Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane was left off Sgt Pepper because it was released as a single; many times a new Beatles album would have an AA-side issued simultaneously on the same day, consisting of tracks also on the main album (Rubber Soul and Revolver definitely did). It was more than the gap between its rush release (EMI felt they needed new Beatles product at any cost) made the songs seem too old and detached from the rest of Sgt Pepper. Still think they should have included them.
  18. Revolver and Rubber Soul for me.
  19. I wonder why the video for Strawberry Fields looks so good and like they gave it some thought and threw a bit of money at it and yet the rest of the music videos were... well, pretty dull or just performances. Anyone know? You’d expect their videos would get better as their music did.

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  20. I guess back then there were so many new and evolving ideas that you could afford to exclude some big singles from studio albums, especially if they didn't "fit" with the rest of the album, or even the fact that everyone had already got that song as a 7" so why release it again on an LP?!

    And then there were the acts in the 60s that would release MULTIPLE albums in one calendar year, such was the prolific nature of some of them. None of this waiting 3-5 years for the next one nonsense!
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