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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by passionoia, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. I was just pottering about the other night and this happened to be on the tv. I can't say I was paying much attention but then I caught this scene... and I was hooked.
  2. That scene is so delicious, I could eat it.
  3. This was the best sene by a mile. Rather silly overall I felt but first episodes are usually a bit dodgy and I'll keep watching because I'm sure Laura and Gaby will make ot worthwhile.
  4. Not to spoil anything, but the last two episodes in the series are absolutely mind-blowing. It's worth sticking with, trust me.
  5. I don't know, I could never really get into it.

    Of course, Laura Linney is amazing. She was perfectly cast, and is extremely watchable even when the story is poorly written. I often felt like she was a character from a different and better show plucked out of thin air and thrown into this one, and the implausibility of the main character keeping her secret for so long really bothered me.

    It's good, but not great.
  6. Well, I am absolutely loving it. Of course, it helps that I'm a major Linney Nut, and this is the kind of role she just eats up. It's like a mashup of her characters in The Savages and Tales Of The City.
  7. Decided to get in to this. I'll share my thoughts soon...
  8. I never really got into it....

    But then the last episode came around and I was floored.

    And only then I understood what they were trying to do the whole season and totaaaaally succeeded in.

    Very nicely done.
  9. I did everything I could to avoid watching this due to the subject matter, but managed to inadvertently catch a minute or two and was just hooked. And Laura Linney may be good, but Gabourey Sidibe is the real star. Love her!
  10. I've enjoyed the first two episodes. I'm on U.K pace so no spoilers please?!?
  11. This show is brilliant! I can't believe Gadbourey Sidibe is only billed as a "Special Guest Star" though, she needs to be added to the main cast before my fears are realised and she dissapears off one day with some poor explanation about fat camp.
  12. I've watched 6 episodes up to now and it is fantastic! How many episodes are there?
  13. I'm absolutely terrified that this season is going to end the way i'm beginning to suspect it will, because if it does it's just too close to home.

    It's getting stronger with every episode though. It's obviously not for everyone and it doesn't really function as a "comedy", but as a show that tackles the most challenging of issues with wit and with searing honesty it really is something quite special.

    In the UK we've just seen the episode where she has the biopsy to remove the lump on her posterior. How many are there left? Six or seven?
  14. On the episode where she visits her Dad. I'm really liking this a lot now! Is it bad that I think the son is kinda cute?
  15. Why would that be wrong?
  16. 14 in the show. 16 in real life.
  17. Ha Ha

    I see you've been doing your research.
  18. There are 13 episodes in total, so it should finish in the last week of April.

    For anyone watching US pace, the second season begins on June 27 alongside Weeds. CANNOT WAIT.
  19. Just seen the episode with the birthday party. Definitely the best one yet.
  20. I loved it! But I don't get what is happening with Marline now. Was she just drunk or is it leading to something else?
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