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The big grey Nordic Noir megathread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. This can be a nice place to discuss any and all Nordic noir series, Netflix or otherwise.

    Currently watching Deadwind on Netflix (set in Helsinki), which started out pretty good and has become shit the bed amazing in the middle. 5 eps to go and I'm really excited (and thrilled that there are more seasons to binge after). The lead actress is everything and her character is a chaotic hot mess. And of course Finland looks exquisitely grey and miserable. I'm living!

    I know @Judy Jetson Hooker and @HorseTears discussed briefly - did you finish it, what were your thoughts and has anyone else given it a shot? Fans of The Bridge etc. won't be disappointed.

    Also, more recommendations please!
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  2. I stopped halfway thru Deadwind. It just got boring REAL quick for me.
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  3. @Mikal - thanks for tagging me. I haven't been watching a lot of mystery series lately, but I'm sure I'll start again soon, including Deadwind.

    I'm guessing you're okay with series that aren't strictly from Nordic countries, but which have been influenced by the Nordic Noir blueprint? If so, I highly recommend a Polish series on Netflix called The Mire (or, Rojst). Though, of course, watch it with subtitles, not full dubs, for the full experience. I just can't find a trailer with English subtitles.

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  4. I'm a big fan of Nordic Noir!
    I've just recently binge watched "The Investigation" on BBC i-player - very well dramatised and of course based on a true story from 2017.

  5. [​IMG]
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