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The Big Reunion (S3)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by TheInsider, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. So I've been told this week that acts are being approached for a third series of Big Reunion and they're looking to American acts again.

    SWV were mentioned, as were TLC.
    I'd imagine producers would want one of S Club or All Saints to take part but I only see this happening if it's more of a 'celebration documentary + performance' rather than scripted reality.
  2. Given how budget the last series was, surely they don't have anywhere near enough money for TLC? Unless TLC are absolutely desperate.
  3. SWV's current WE Tv reality show, SWV Reunited, is so entertaining to watch. They have drama for days and management problems, but they can still sing very well. Coko's voice is just phenomenal.
  4. Throughout series 2 I kept saying how they should go after US acts. They ruined what could've been a big franchise by focusing on such little known groups. Even if a US group hasn't been popular in the UK in a long time, they at least have credentials and interesting stories to use on a show like this. SWV, En Vogue, TLC and Danity Kane should've always been at the top of their wish list. If they could manage to get Danity Kane I could see this new season being a big hit. That group knows how to bring the drama and their story sells itself.
  5. I'd rather see some 80s acts reunite, such as the original Bucks Fizz, Bananarama with Shuv, 5 star etc. Bands who have real stories and shedloads of hits too!
  6. SBK


    Not interested in some American acts that spent a week over here during the 90s
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  7. I've never even heard of Danity Kane outside of seeing the name on here.

    Count me in for an 80s version! Supergroup consisting of Sinitta, Hazell Dean, Jaki Graham, Samantha Fox and Sabrina please. Chuck in Bananarama, Bros, Dollar, Five Star and Bucks Fizz and job done!
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  8. And Dead Or Alive, I know most people won't remember the rest of the band but Pete Burns kicking off every week would be excellent TV!
  9. They really need to either go back to the 80s or forward to the 00s for this show if there's to be a third edition. General public would have zero interest in En Vogue, SWV and probably even TLC. I haven't forgiven them for not making more of having Eternal in BR2.
  10. I've said it before but I really don't want S Club to be part of it. I feel they are too big to do it to be honest. They can easily do an arena tour of their own and I wouldn't want to sit through dire acts I've never heard of for them.
  11. Been said a hundred times before but it should be the Big Comeback for the likes of Samantha Mumba, Louise etc. Just get their "famous" mates involved as the talking heads to fill in the drama.
  12. TLC has had TWO 'Behind The Music' specials AND a TV movie by the girls, what the fuck else is there left to know?
  13. Perfection!
  14. Dead Or Alive, Bananarama, Amazulu
  15. SBK


    It's not called Big Bi-Yearly Comeback Attempt
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  16. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I always feel a bit sorry for Bananarama. Their more recent output has been really good but without a third member they're never going to make much of an impact again.
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  17. I'm sure Bananarama aren't expecting Top 10 hits these days, it's just nice that they do still release music for the fans. They have had some really good songs in the last few years.

    If they got them for the Big Reunion I'd love to see them reunited with Siobhan and Jacquie!
  18. Yeah, 'this'.

    I've never heard a Danity Kane song in my life and only remember two SWV tracks as it is. May as well add 98 Degrees, LFO, and Bran Van 3000!
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  19. You should really listen to Danity Kane's albums. There's no chance they'll be on this though.
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  20. SBK


    Didn't Danity Kane split up like 6 weeks ago?
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