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The Big Reunion (S3)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by TheInsider, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Lovin' Is Easy was great but I don't think the band worked with Johnny in it.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Are T.A.T.U on good terms at the minute? They would have a good story there's a lot of drama with them
  4. I don't think they are. Plus, Julia is a massive homophobe so I'd rather she didn't get the air time.
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  5. HRH


    I'd prefer a mix of Series 1/2 band updates and a few new ones.

    Atomic Kitten: Jenny rejoins after the Kerry drama.
    A1: Paul rejoined in 2017, sort of, so they could rehash the drama and see what's next.
    Honeyz: With Heavenli having departed once again, is the time right for Naima to return?

    Sugababes: Heidi, Amelle and Jade reunite and discuss what really went down in 2009, what they thought about the MKS reunion, etc.
    S Club Juniors: Without Rochelle and Frankie obviously, though I'm sure they'd make appearances.
    Cleopatra: I'm assuming they rejected a Series 2 offer but they honestly can't be that busy.
    Mis-Teeq: Alesha's solo TV career isn't what it once was and this is a good opportunity to be the big fish on a major TV show.
  6. Stacey had a baby less than two weeks ago and they'll be filming now, so S Club Juniors are out.
    I swear I saw the girls in Cleopatra tweet about being on the show after series two but I can't find the tweets now.
    Alesha is massive pregnant currently so I doubt she'd be available to film.
  7. I think the Sugababes girl can’t legally speak about what really happened in 2009 so I’m not sure much more would be left for Amelle, Heidi and Jade to discuss.
  8. It’s probably the best it’s ever been she’s been part of a popular judging line up on Britain’s Got Talent for the last few years. Alesha definitely doesn’t need this.
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  9. I can see 3SL being part of this, Didn't HRH Lisa manage them? She's probably already made the calls. I'd love the cast of Totally Scott- Lee to reunite actually.
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  10. I think Lisa's management skills extended to her getting some self promo and that was it dd
  11. OMG that tan!.

    Why has it just dawned on me that Lisa's speaking voice sounds just like Kate McCann.
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  12. One True Voice?
  13. Can't wait to hear Shakespeare's (Way With) Words again!
  14. I'd love to see the return of Shampoo
  15. I'll tell you who I'd love (that nobody else would really care about).

    Finally having a hit and then disbanding (even though it was sad why).
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  16. Scooch have been very active on social media lately, and not just with regards to Eurovision, but with hashtags #20yearsofscooch and #thebestisyettocome

    I tweeted The Big Reunion asking if they’re involved and David Ducasse liked it but said nothing.
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  17. He's too busy with his Slimming world classes in South Shields
  18. SBK


    20 years of scooch? Haha 17 of those were on the checkouts at tesco
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  19. I love this forum.
  20. Not heard why they disbanded before - what’s their story?
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