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The Big Reunion (S3)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by TheInsider, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Shakespear's Sister are already reuniting. Also, The Fizz and Dollar are still touring.
  2. The groups don't necessarily have to have had a big falling out/drama to be interesting. Liberty X and 911 had minimal drama but members had addiction, body issues, relationship woes. It can still be entertaining to hear about the struggles these individuals had to face in the midst of fame and fortune.
  3. Perhaps too recent but not too big. Both Steps and Eternal were far bigger.
  4. I don’t think any of The Saturdays need this certainly not Rochelle.

    I’ve become quite obsessed with the idea of Hear’say doing it gonna be disappointed when it doesn’t materialise. Been relistening to the Popstars album this weekend and can’t believe they didn’t release more singles. Breathe is a bop.
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  5. God could you imagine getting both MKS and Sugababes and Hear'say and All their members plus Louise and Eternal on the one show?
    Atomic Kitten begging Jenny to come back ?
    Throw in Cleopatra and Misteeq and that's a win.
    If you want ultra messy try and get the 3LW girls or Dream to spill that scalding hot tea.
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  6. Isn't everything okay with them though?
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  7. They had a "comeback" and toured , released a new single and were working on a new album then everything seems to have stalled after the Nic Carter revelation and it was over despite looking so promising for them.
    There HAS to be a story there...
  8. US bands surely are a logistical nightmare to get / film?
  9. No one outside of this forum would care but I’d love Girls Can’t Catch, their leaked album was one of my most played in my childhood!

    I also wouldn’t be averse to an S Club United of both 7 and Juniors, also meant that if they toured they wouldn’t have to pad the setlist out with the *utter shite* that they did on the 2015 tour!
  10. People keep mentioning the lack of Saturdays drama but Mis-Teeq wouldn't bring much drama other than their record label going bust surely?

    Also I really can't see Myleene doing this.
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  11. They could have got the likes of Scooch years ago for a third series, Why now? I swear to god if I see Coleen, Linda or any other of the famine five hundred siblings advertised for this I will riot.
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  12. Im ready for allSTARS*
  13. Coleen Nolan, Stacey Solomon and Kerry Katona will exclusively reunite for an encore to their infamous Ladies Night performance.
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  14. HRH


    Perhaps some resentment from Sabrina over being sidelined for a solo career in favor of Alesha? Throw in a
    "Su-Elise finally gets a solo" storyline and that's enough to fill up 20 min for their episode.
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  15. They might go for a different approch this series and reunite some Britpop bands rather than pop groups?
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  16. Wouldn’t it be more like The Big Reunion execs begging Jenny to come back? Jenny is still good friends with Tash and Liz. They hang out quite a bit according to Instagram.

    Sorry what?

    That might explain the 4 month long wait though...

    We just want a reunited Mis-Teeq. Plus, there’s no way in hell Sabrina isn’t in her feelings about how Alesha has made it big and she’s fallen way off path. Plus, they can talk about their experience with colorism in the industry.
  17. Yes!

    Talk about their TV show (which I low key loved).
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  18. Republica would be ace, I know they reformed but i'd love to see them back on TV, along with Elastica and Echobelly
  19. ewww
  20. I’d be interested too. Though Sonya and Glen have been working as Echobelly the past few years and as they are the core of the group I doubt they’d be interested. Sleeper of course are back with a great new album.
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