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The Big Reunion (S3)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by TheInsider, Oct 22, 2014.

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    The underperformance of the State of Mind album along with the lawsuit against her manager pretty much signaled the end of Holly's interest in becoming a popstar. What a shame, they should have given Desire or Curious a bit of a push but it was probably Holly's decision to cut her losses in the end.
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  2. At the time of State of Mind Holly was quoted saying that she hated living in the UK (she was living above a brothel in London which must've contributed to this view) and I remember it being in lots of magazines and papers. That pretty much killed her career here.
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    Well, yes it was probably her decision to not continue being a popstar, doubt it was her decision not to push on with more State of Mind singles, that was probably made for her.
  4. Presumably we're talking about a Saturday night TV show here, and as with The X Factor and The Masked Singer, a lot of people on here tend to forget that Saturday night TV is not made for them. On Masked Singer in particular, we've actually been pretty lucky to get what we've had.

    It sounds like this show is covering a much wider timespan than the Big Reunion and - assuming it's on the main channel rather than ITV2 - targeting a bigger audience. In short, expect to see a handful of your old faves and a lot of people you won't care about. And really, I'm not sure what more Billie Piper and Holly Valance have to do to convince some of you that their pop careers are firmly behind them.
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    Random question but was there a poster or anything for the season 2 gig of this?
    Trying to find some artwork for the audio and I can find ones for the original series and the boyband tour but surely the 2nd series concert got some promotion as well?
  6. It’s odd that Australia dropped her too though.
  7. Neighbours is actually more successful in the UK than it is in Australia
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  8. Unfortunately, Holly was a product of that age old phrase, ‘the media can make them and then break them!’

    Like many Popstars of that era (Billie, Dannii, Rachel) there was a lot of toxicity from the press and I have no doubt that come her second album, what with the terrible court case, comments were taken out of context and not playing ball giving them what they wanted, they simply printed out of context and as a result helped in ruining her career!
  9. Holly's first album only sold about 150k despite spawning a number 1 and number 2 single, so it's not as if she was the biggest popstar on Earth until she decided to slag off London. I'm not sure people really gave a shit about those comments, if they even heard them.

    The most exposure Holly got back then was to the FHM audience, meaning she was marketing herself to a demographic - straight men - that, broadly speaking, wasn't buying her music and never would.
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  10. I think it was pretty clear that Holly wouldn’t have musical longevity? I have nothing against her and have both her albums but that phase of her career was opportunist.
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  11. Not to get all "I listen to singers" about this, but someone passionately committed to their music career would surely record a second take at the very least.
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  12. I think Holly was probably also just another casualty of the Warner Music Restructure which happened in 2004 where London Records 90 began to shut down. All high profile new albums on the label from late 2003/2004 seemed to flop (Siobhan, Holly, Shaznay) and I don’t think any of the campaigns had more than 1 or 2 singles released. All artists on the rosta were either dropped/given a severance deal or absorbed into another Warner Music Label.
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  13. One of these things is not like the others...
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  14. Calling Dan Corsi a famous 90s popstar is a stretch - I'm glad they told me who it was!
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