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The Big Reunion (S3)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by TheInsider, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. A solo females one would be great with

    Holly Valance (now Candy)
    Billie Piper
    Martine McCutcheon
    Dina Carroll
    Louise Redknapp

    But I dont think any would be interested sadly.
  2. Martine, Jamelia and Samantha would all do it. Louise and Billie wouldn't be interested at all.
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  3. SBK


    I think Martine would, perhaps Jamelia... The rest I don't think would.
  4. It's the Big Reunion?

    Billie reunites with... the cartoon from Because We Want To!
    Gamely reunites with... the girl she stole Superstar from!
    Martine McCutcheon reunites with... her Milan bandmates!
    Holly Valance reunites with... being 30 on hot pants!
  5. I don't think I know anything about Bellefire or that anyone else would and One True Voice... really? They lost out to Girls Aloud and then had a flop single and then broke up... I don't think anyone would be interested in a comeback. None of them have done anything since worth talking about either.

    The show last series lacked big stars and that was it's downfall. They didn't even tour with all the groups etc.
  6. It's not necessarily about big names though. Girl Thing were flops yet they had probably the best story in the 2nd season.
  7. I'm definitely here for The Big Comeback with solo stars of yesteryear my only problem is that in the last series, Gareth Gates, Kavana, Adam Rickett etc were used in a group and are now out of the running for this series. They should approach the following names about taking part
    Samantha Mumba
    Natasha Bedingfield
    Rachel Stevens
    Daniel Bedingfield
    Craig David
    A lot of them would probably say no, They could always do an 80's theme and bring back Bucks Fizz etc or be even more specific and have a PWL theme, Sonia, Sinitta, Hazel Dean, Bananarama, Dead or Alive, Rick Astley etc and perhaps have them work on new music with Stock Aiken and Waterman or just Pete Waterman, even better have Xenomania come on board. (Rant over)
  8. The solo stars wouldn't generally have as good a story to tell though.. and then there's no one to reunite them with.

    I'd love a third series but I think the main reason they haven't done it is because the ratings for the second were way down on the first, rather than they've run out of people to do it.

    Still gutted about no Deuce reunion. I guess if it doesn't happen this year it never will now.
  9. They could 'reunite' them with some of the people who made them famous. So Craig David and Artful Dodger, Samantha Mumba and Louis Walsh, Darius and his x factor allumini. Daniel and Natasha could relate their experiences to each other. There's loads they can do to create 'drama'!
  10. I'd still love another series but think they'd have to re brand it as something other than 'Reunion'. Either The Big Comeback or The Big Reunion: The 80's or The Big Reunion: Second Chances etc.
  11. Or can we have Eternal back but this time with the story of what really happened other than bits 'n' pieces previously known through the press? And with some new material ready to launch this time.
  12. Your comment says more about the others involved than it does about Girl Thing, to be honest.

    (I realise I'm answering a comment that's nearly a year old, but we are in the section of the forum that celebrates the past...)
  13. I was just trying to find this thread to post that! I am perched. I wonder who we'll get.
  14. Imagine if this was the big Sugababes announcement that DJ Spoony teased.
  15. Oh god the meltdowns
  16. Hear’say??
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  17. That would actually be really interesting even if the Hits well is a bit dry haha

    Girl Thing managed a slot though so...
  18. The Saturdays would be good, if just to see them talk about the last 2 years. From finally getting a #1 to the non-event of their split.

    Atomic Kitten could do it again, I suppose.

    Bananarama with Jacquie, since I don't imagine the public would really be bothered otherwise.
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  19. How dull would that be?
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