The Big Reunion (S3)

I'm unsure who could be involved. It'll be interesting to see the announcements anyway.

I think some of the suggestions here aren't very realistic (though I guess we aren't being too serious) as much as I'd like this to be a platform to help acts like MKS/Sugababes and All Saints re-establish themselves and find an audience for future projects.
Oh wow this is coming back!
Nadine Coyle featuring Six (Imagine her explanations! and taking over the final performance of their one hit would be hysterical)
S Club Juniors
Aqua (Already back together years but could do it for the promo)
The 411
Big Brovaz
Samantha Mumba should form a duo with Billie Piper.
There would be no story to tell with Supersister, they're all very good friends and there was never any animosity.
All they need to do is simply rename it as The Big Comeback and then they can have groups and solo acts?

There's so many great solo artists who would be perfect for this, and people would go to see it live too (Jamelia, Martine Mccutcheon to name just two)
I'm here for it, though I really have no idea who they'll managed to get after the lacklustre series 2 which didn't even tour in the end.

I agree that maybe The Wanted could do it. I'd love The 411 but I don't see that happening.