The Big Reunion (S3)

It absolutely will not happen. When and if Las Ketchup and Los del Rio reunite, it will be their own focus with their own headlining tours. Neither of these groups need the back up of this show.

Don't Las Ketchup still tour clubs now, like a Spanish Bucks Fizz?
I've been racking my brains trying to think of any viable groups that could possibly do this.
Literally can't think of any with enough success to warrant it. Cleopatra I guess but given that they are sisters I can't really see there being much of a story to tell, and there isn't a "reunion" aspect to it. Similar with 3T last series who were so boring they didn't even feature that much if my memory serves me correctly.

I can only see a watered down S Club Juniors, or groups which have remained active without much UK exposure such as Aqua, Vengaboys.

Unless like others have said they're looking to more recent acts such as The Wanted and JLS? Even then I'm struggling to think of anything else realistic.
Wonder how much it would cost ITV to somehow force S Club 7 back into the same room again? Also Atomic Kitten reuniting again after the Kerry Does India debacle really would be something...but ideally with Jenny thrown in too please.
Watch it be a 'what are they all doing now?' style rehash of the original 2 series.

Didn't the other guy from A1 join them since that season? And maybe Another Level can be tempted instead of the weird super group. If Louise wasn't doing her own thang, maybe Eternal could too but it's not happening now. In these senses, it could rehash previously featured acts. Exploring Kerry's torpedo to Atomic Kitten, Michelle Heaton bopping from group to group and getting Naima to confront her two detractors Hev and Mariama!!
The original series was such a unique concept. Yeah Take That and Spice Girls had reformed by then but it wasn't such a 'thing' as it is now. And it was the right length of time since all those acts split that it made it the right time, and they all had a reasonably similar level of success/recognition. It would be absolutely impossible to think of a new series that could somehow do that, which was why series 2 was such a let-down. The acts who could feasibly do it are big enough to do it without a TV series to initiate it.
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