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The Big Reunion (S3)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by TheInsider, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Swap A*Teens for Cleopatra and I'm happy. Sugababes has to be 1.0, obvs.
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  2. Acts like The Saturdays wouldn't work simply because there needs to be an element of drama to make a good TV programme. There doesn't appear to have been any animosity between members, and even if there was, with most of the girls having success outside of the band, would they really be in a position to need to air their dirty laundry on TV for a quick pay check? As great as Liberty X were, their episode was dull with their only drama being their last single having a crap video and flopping.
  3. I can see some incarnation of EAST 17 doing this.

    Though I’d love Hear’Say, Mis-Teeq, S Club Juniors
  4. I’d like to see:-

    Northern Line

    I’m sure that for series 2 the bosses tried to get -
    S Club Juniors
    Another Level
    Blazin’ Squad
  5. S Club Juniors were meant to be on minus Frankie and Rochelle but Calvin pulled out at the last moment meaning the producers pulled the plug. Stacey tweeted around the time saying they had an amazing story to tell but weren't appearing and Aaron made a thinly veiled dig in a tweet about "CG".

    Another Level were approached to appear as a three after Wayne didn't want to do it but then Mark dropped out after he wasn't allowed the time off work to participate.
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  6. If they added US acts, Danity Kane would be probably the best they could dream of. Already reality tv legends from Making the Band and their other reality tv appearances, but they literally broke up because one of the members punched the other in the head! I'd love to see them on!
  7. This can't possibly work if we stick to the 90s because all the likely bands have already appeared in the first series. The second series had to go for low tier pop acts and they simply didn't spark the interest of viewers. Then the tour only took the boybands on the road. Poor Girl Thing! Who's left? I think it would need to be 80s acts for this to work. I assume ITV will want the same vibe Bros created in their documentary. Five Star could pop up! Bucks Fizz (still together but that can be worked around). A Flock Of Seagulls!
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  8. The UK has no clue who Danity Kane are though.
  9. Definitely agree with the 80s thing

    I know AFOS reformed on VH1 but going back to 2004/5, but I read in classic pop mag that Mike wants to work with the rest of the guys again.

    I'd also like to see Five star, back where they belong, with a Bros style documentary, as I know there's a bit of discontent within the family, and also a warts and all documentary, with no stone unturned

    I'd give my right arm to see Thompson Twins reform with Tom, Alannah and Joe.

    Freeez, loved them since the mid 80s, but not sure how popular they'd be given most people can only remember IOU

    Going along with the Kajagoogoo theme (they'd never reform as Nick has said they've done everything possible now) but i'd love to see a reunion of Ellis, Beggs and Howard, bit niche, but thats my wishlist

    Japan - never going to happen, especially not for a TV show

    I can but dream
  10. Maybe we will get an S Club United made up of Jo, Bradley, Tina, Daisy, Aaron and Stacey.
  11. Stacey had a baby less than two weeks ago.
  12. I'd love Hear'Say to do it.

    All the discussion of Kim leaving, how quickly it all went wrong, the rumours around the auditions for the replacement being a fix, them getting held at 'fake' gunpoint in that service station. All followed by a 3 strong set of Everybody, Way To Your Love and Pure and Simple.

    TV GOLD.
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  13. Alas, it'll never happen.
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  14. I know it probably won't happen, but The Saturdays would be a brilliant signing for them. They aren't big enough to probably sell out their own national reunion tour, but they could easily be deemed as the biggest act on a one-off concert.

    They have the nostalgic aspect for people to remember their songs, but also since their "hiatus", they've actively kept in public eye with the press continuing to cover even their solo endeavours or appearances, so they are still relevant in the British press and with the public (albeit, individually, at different levels).

    I know Rochelle wouldn't probably do it now as she's made that clear, but I could easily see Vanessa, Frankie, Una and Mollie (who clearly adores being a popstar) coming together for the one-off show. It'd need little commitment, but would give them further coverage for solo endeavours, and give them the opportunity to perform a one-off at a large scale and not be seen as a "dud booking" which they became use to towards the end of their career. They'd easily be able to talk about the fact at the time they were the "biggest girl band in the UK", albeit due to a lack of competition, but also they could twist their attempt at breaking America into a success, and give enough back story and interest into the behind-the-scenes drama.
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  15. SBK


    The Saturdays would be boring. There's no drama. They'd be like the 3T.
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  16. The Saturdays won't do it, at least not at this point in time. Frankie has said many times that she feels like she's done with performing, Rochelle has a busy tv career and Vanessa has been quite disparaging about the group's musical output since the split (although she might do it for the cash).
  17. Are N-Dubz out the question? I feel like they would have a great story am i right in thinking at one point they fell out quite badly plus any drama with Fazer & Tulisa dating
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  18. 5ive on The Big Reunion was really quite difficult to enjoy. There seems to be something under the surface that the cameras couldn't quite reveal, but you can sense it, an unpleasantness that took place between them. Interband bullying was mentioned. Whatever happened, Sean likely hasn't recovered. He seemed to really resent Jay, who seemed mystified by the whole thing. I can't imagine them being together again until that's resolved. Girl Thing was also a bit depressing, if only because the gulf in finances and lifestyles between former members. As for Hear'Say, I could imagine a Popstars anniversary show on ITV at some point. That would be more viable than The Big Reunion.

    And for the most part, they're more successful away from the recording studio.
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  19. I think the fact that Abz left via Twitter without telling the others after the Big Reunion says it all.

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  20. I wouldn’t be against them doing Lovin’ Is Easy with Kym aswell.

    It’s crazy to think they were dropped on the basis of that hot bop going in at number 6.

    The early noughties were brutal for pop acts.
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