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The Big Reunion (series 1)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by StraightActing19, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Mvnl

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    I wonder if Jenny will be doing Ace Of Base songs. If so I wonder what went on for her not to do it with the actual Ace Of Base guys.
  2. That's an impressive line-up, although East 17 without Tony or Brian is a stretch to say the least. I don't doubt that Robbie Craig can sing, but still.

    Jenny must be doing Ace of Base songs given the rest of the line-up. If she doesn't, the crowd should start singing "All that we want, is for you to sing this..."
  3. Wasn't there some hard feelings with Jenny and the boys of Base (one being her brother, right)? Maybe I'm wrong but I thought I recalled her being somewhat surprised that they brought in the new females.

    Wait, here is some info: She expressed that she wasn't allowed by Jonas and Ulf to participate in the song writing for the band's album. "From now on, I want paper on things. I agreed to work under certain conditions, and they just vanished." "They didn't want me in". When asked, "Do you want to go back to Ace of Base again?" she responded "Not right now. It would take some apologies.

    Either way, I am happy to hear she is doing the shows!
  4. It would be more mega if Linn were to just rock up and do the shows - she was the lead singer for their first album (and biggest hits) no?
  5. I'm 100% she will just do Ace Of Base songs.
  6. That East 17 lineup is hilariously awful! It's NOT East 17 without Brian Harvey and to not even have Tony Mortimer there is even worse. And Robbie Craig, famous for 5 minutes for trying to be the "white Craig David" is inexplicably random. Surely Brian Harvey has nothing better to do?!
  7. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Was Robbie Craig 'trying to be the white Craig David' simply because he worked with Artful Dodger?
  8. It would, but she's not even been seen in public for 11 years now.
  9. It's always sounded a bit six of one, half a dozen of the other to me. I believe the record label wanted a second girl to sing alongside her (not necessarily younger) because they always saw AoB as a four-piece. Can understand why Jenny was a bit pissed about this, but she was also recording a solo album behind Jonas and Ulf's back and not committing to anything AoB so I guess it was a bit of an Eternal situation.
  10. That 'fake' Ace Of Base album was amazing. Banger after bangr after banger. Quiality.
  11. Hot.

    Who wouldn't want Lee to be their coke dealer?
  12. What was the late 00's version of a fax?

    I guess nowadays it would be "I got fired by WhatsApp... they kicked me out of the group conversation!"

    I wonder why Linn went from being lead singer to a complete recluse? Her being blurred out and fading to the background seems all the more bizarre. Duringthe Flowers perios, when All That She Wants/ The Sign were performed, who did lead vocals? Jenny or Linn from behind the backing vocalists?!
  13. From what we've been able to read between the lines, Linn hated being famous and she got more and more afraid of it. By the sound of it she might have developed some mental health problems. Jonas says she's fine but don't expect her to ever come back. They never did much touring anyway but whenever they did sing ATSW on TV Jenny would sing it. I don't think Linn has been seen singing or miming anywhere since 1996, though she would pretend to play the keyboard on stage until about 2002. She would even refuse to mime in music videos. There's an article somewhere about the Cruel Summer videoshoot which mentions Jonas shouting at her to get a grip or something, and the director getting mad because all she wanted to do was sit on a chair at the back.
  14. I imagine I'd be frustrated if she was involved in the success but failing to give it her all in videos and performances. Very similar to the Agnetha/ABBA situation, though she always pushed herself to do the promo and music videos. It has to be strange to thrive in the studio setting, but dislike all the other parts of the job.
  15. I remember watching that with some friends and we were like "what is she doing!?" while Jenny was all animated in the foreground. Most bizarre.

    Vas is right about the 'fake' album though, some awesome stuff on it. Shame it was destined to fail.
  16. I spent an hour reading about this. So strange.
  17. I always found it ironically amusing during the Life Is A Flower campaign that Jenny is there singing "carry on smiling and the world will smile with you" whilst Linn stands in front of a keyboard at the back looking miserable.
  18. Black Sea is one of the best things Jonas has ever done
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