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The Big Reunion (series 1)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by StraightActing19, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. The worst track on their EP, but good for them I guess.
  2. SBK


    Why not love and money?

    Its so catchy. I know its been "Out there" for a while but no one outside the die hards fans really knows.
  3. Abz has just announced that he's left 5ive: "As of today I am no longer a member of @Official5ive Thank you to all the fans who supported, I love you all.."
  4. SBK


    Oh. Was there any real reason for them to still be toghtherr?

    So does that make them thr33
  5. Apparently Abz hasn't told the rest of the band or management. Brilliant.
  6. MB


  7. Champagne or Guiness is now on iTunes.
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  8. SBK


    Dont they have the boyband tour still to happen?

    its a shame really cause 5ive had the most potential of a proper comeback.

    Shame it sucks after track 1
  9. Five have become such a joke now. I wonder why Abz is out of the group, and if it has anything to do with substance abuse issues.
  10. Abz was never going to be a part of the boyband tour. When the tour was announced they tweeted: "Unfortunately Abz is unable to make The Big Reunion Tour. But don't worry he's not leaving the band". Famous last words
  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    They performed as a threesome over here in The Netherlands today and did a pretty decent job of it!
  12. I quite miss this Big Reunion line up it was something special.
  13. Between that B*Witched """video""" and Abz causing 3ive, I do believe my brain has melted.
  14. I'm glad Abz wasn't there, I would've felt so miserable for missing him. I also didn't like they only used him mainly for the rap parts, I actually think he has the best voice in the band.
  15. Christ Almighty. This has made a lyric video seem like a good idea. What's the B*Witched across America EP on iTunes - a few things from the unreleased third album?

    I never got the chronology with B*Witched where it seemed a third album was due out in 2002. Given how quickly they rushed out album 2 and how hard it tanked, I can't imagine a record label saying "Yeah ok we will let you record stuff for a third album and let you spend two years out of the public conscious to record it" and then decide to drop them. I'd imagine the axe would have fell hard and fast.
  17. The second album didn't do as badly as the performance of the singles might suggest. It still went platinum, and I think back then labels were more willing to give artists another chance, especially when they'd already had previous success. I'm just guessing, but I always thought that the label had given them a bit of time to work on new music, and then weren't impressed with what they heard and knew it wouldn't sell so just decided to call it a day. The song that was meant to be the lead single from the third album (Where Did You Sleep? or something like that) leaked a while ago and it wasn't very good.
  18. I actually loved Jesse Hold On and Jump Down, but the second album wasn't very good altogether.

    The Big Reunion (Season 1) really was magical.
  19. Hey guys,

    I'm a writer for the aussie music site auspop, any by sheer luck/coincidence, I interviewed Abz on august 20. I'm trying to rush through the interview to go live on the site tomorrow!
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