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The Big Reunion (series 1)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by StraightActing19, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Really? They were quicker to pull the plug back then if anything. A lot of artists would even have their first single shelved even after 2 months of heavy Box rotation.
  2. There was another B*witched album being worked on under Telstar or to be brought to Telstar as it was collapsing. Such a mess.
  3. Such a travesty that we didn't get to hear this potential masterpiece.
  4. SBK


    I wouldn't have expected too much, it was a downward spiral quality wise from the start.
  5. 'Three bad boys with the power to rock you'
    'We used to be 5IVE! now we're only THREE!...'
  6. I'm not a fan of either of B*Witched's albums. Awake & Breathe is particularly awful, although it does feature 'Are You A Ghost?' which is amazing
  7. The debut was great. Few fillers. The 2nd one was okay but it's like they forgot to add the two stompers that were needed.
  8. I Shall Be There is on the second album, so that automatically makes the album worth listening to.
  9. Erm, the career KILLER you mean?

    "You LOVE Ladysmith Black Mambazo"
  10. What happened to Ladysmith Black Mambazo? Quick! Someone make a thread about em on here!!
  11. They are still going!
  12. Haha I have flashbacks of my then 7 year old brother forcing us to listen to that in the car, and he'd passionately sing "are you a GHOOOST or are you ALIIIIIVE?". Bless.
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  13. B*witched ballads were awful, unless its Blame it on the Weatherman which is of course their best song. I Shall Be There and To You I Belong are just horrendous.
  14. B*Witched would probably benefit from Edele leaving house before the final that way B*Witched could preform on Big Brothers Bit On The Side, Being realistic it's the only opportunity they will get to preform on tv
  15. SBK


    I'd prefer she stayed in until January. Anything to avoid them ever performing that crap single they're pushing that isn't Love & Money.
  16. Great interview thanks!
  17. I don't know why artists (or their "people") think it's preferable to have ANY kind of video on YouTube to having none at all, and thus we get things like this (see also Jay Aston's recent single and video, which I can't get through more than 20 seconds of.)

    Less really is more sometimes.
  18. I enjoyed the B*witched video. It's iconic in it's own way. It's cute. Lots of personality and sass!
  19. SBK


    Googled this. This one:


    This song is not appropriate for her.
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