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The Big Reunion (Series 3)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by TheInsider, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Seconded.
  2. MB


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  3. Same Difference would probably do this.
  4. Surely they will have to have the Sugababes in some guise. I can’t see any other group matching the pulling power of the drama upon drama that went on there.
  5. MB


    Sarah's pregnant again so I'm not sure... Sean's also on tour with a musical in Oz.

    I'm sure I saw on twitter that MKS 'liked' the big reunions post?
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  6. I wish I never pressed play.
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  7. Nooo! What the world truly needs is Natalia Kills performing her Verbalicious material.
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  8. Apparently their third single was going to be a cover of Bananarama's Love in the First Degree but I don't think it ever surfaced online.

    All I could find was this graphic which on balance I'd consider pretty accurate

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  9. Honeytraps is a weird inclusion as that was just an experiment for a tv show, the rest were actually trying to have careers!
  10. What on earth is a Six Chix?
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  11. Lost to Nicki french to represent the UK at Eurovision 2000. Single got to about number 74.
  12. Oh no, poor Sharon D Clarke.
  13. I quite like it
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  14. This subconsciously lead me on a frantic search of their cover song on YouTube and realizing this board was talking about them all along!

    Poor Austin Drage, whatever happened to that stud?
  15. I saw him not so long back on a night out. He's still a stud.
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  16. Is he gay? I remember there being a bit of a fuss on his season because Simon gave him a ton of female dancers for a performance and commented about how much Austin enjoyed it and the whole thing was very awkward as there was heavy rumors Austin wasn't actually straight.
  17. I’ll always remember him for randomly asking to be my MySpace friend back in the day and messaging me.

    Good times.
  18. What self respecting gay doesn't get their life dancing with a group of girls though?!
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  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    It would be iconic if the Pop Idol girls who had 10 second careers went on the show and joined as a girl group.

    Sarah, Rosie, Jessica, and Zoe could all perform their one notable song together.
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