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The Bird And The Bee - Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jsd, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. jsd


    Is anybody else loving this album as much as I am? Swooningly beautiful jazz-chamber-electro-pop. Between this and the new Lily Allen it's just one Greg-Kurstin-tastic kind of month.

    I'm going to see The Bird And The Bee this Monday in San Francisco. Can't wait!

  2. i love it as well. seeing them next thursday in seattle and can't wait!
  3. Fantastic album. Love Letter to Japan is amazing.
  4. For me is the best album of 2009.. so far! :) I know, there are still loads more albums to come, but this one is very good.
  5. Very much like it.
  6. "My Love" is just amazing, Inara George's voice threatens to never get old. I also love their cover of "How Deep Is Your Love."
  7. Anybody else love Birthday? I don't know what it is about it but I think it's lovely.
  8. I love it too, but I prefer Last Day Of Our Love - I would have put that on the album as well.

    It's superb - a real progression from the first album, with decidedly better lyrics. Ray Gun, Love Letter To Japan, Polite Dance Song and Lifespan Of A Fly are the standouts for me.
  9. I haven't given much of it a chance yet because 'Love Letter To Japan' is just too amazing.
  10. 'Meteor' is my favorite.
  11. jsd


    It's a fabulous beautiful song. The lyrics are someone saying that they know a person inside and out ( who knows your birthday, who knows your number?) and they will love them better than anyone else because they know them so well. Now it's interesting to think about whether or not the intended recipient of this message is aware of this, and whether the interest is reciprocal. It could be just a sweet love song or a creepy stalker song.
  12. Has anyone heard the Japan bonus track recorded with Cornelius ("Heart Throbs and Apple Seeds") ? Is it any good ? I'd like to know before ordering the US or the japanese edition.

    And I just bought the first album : not good at all... They really have found something with Ray Guns.
  13. Again and Again is a reallly lovely track though!
  14. Well it's nice I suppose, and lovely. But that's the problem : this kind of loveliness is terribly lacking substance, and repetitive, and boring. And then there is "My Love" on the new album, or "Chinese" on Lily's album : lovely AND moving, style AND substance. I really feel there is a huge step between the first and the second album.
  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Random question, but does anyone know when My Love got it's single release?
    I'm doing my Best of 2009 chronolgical but it's hard when you don't now the release date..
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