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The Birthdays

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Andy French, Jul 16, 2021.

  1. This came up on my NMF radar and I'm...obsessed? 90s college radio jangle pop meets Garbage guitar riffs, lots of fuzz and a touch of The Cure. The single cover is also a serve.

    There's an interview with Vanyaland (??) here that gives some background on the band - I'm not familiar with Ben Grey or Jackson Phillips but I'll have to check out their solo work.

    Get into it hookers @Jwentz @LE0Night @Jonathan27 @Petty Mayonnaise @beyoncésweave
  2. Oh this is immense, I'll be playing the fuck out of it. Thank you for the tag sis, I followed them so will be perched for upcoming music!
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  3. Oh yes this is immense.
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  4. So I was very close to posting about The Birthdays, but I wasn't sure if they'd find an audience on here. I love everything about them, including their name. They're perfect. Truly, a dream band.
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  5. Okay 2008!
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  7. Finally listened to this. Immediately love the driving guitar - reminds me of Parade by Garbage. Great track!
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  8. Finally, a new song is coming!

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  9. It's here -

    Not quite as attention grabbing as Bunny on my first listen, but I'm really enjoying the 2010 indie pop throwback sound they're going for here.
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