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The Björk Rate: Complete.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Sorry this is later than planned, guys! It was a lot harder than I expected.


    Rumours. Blue. Back To Black. 21. The break-up album has always been a staple of the music world; love, and the loss thereof, is an almost universal experience, but most of us struggle to fully understand and articulate the emotions involved. We rely on singers, songwriters, artists and actors to convey these feelings for us, to guide us through our own heartbreak with empathy and wisdom. Sadly, it was Björk’s turn to take up that role in 2015. Although technically written about different people, we can almost interpret a chronological account of a relationship through Björk’s career: Debut is the shy, demure beginnings; Post, the rush of excitement; Vespertine, the intimacy and security, Medúlla, the makings of a family; and then Vulnicura, the unfortunate, bitter end. Borne from the dissolution of Björk’s thirteen-year relationship with Matthew Barney, the album sees her picking apart and painstakingly scrutinising every aspect of the dying union, honestly admitting its faults and brazenly recounting her loss.

    Vulnicura is the sound of a woman in mourning. It’s is one of the most powerful, fiercely independent women in pop culture having her heart broken and struggling to piece it back together. Losing her love, her family, her security, Vulnicura is complete and utter devastation, and Björk isn’t afraid to admit it. Surely the most courageous thing one can do in the face of such loss is not to deny it, but to attack it head on, accept it and work through it openly and honestly. And that’s exactly what Björk did – unashamedly sharing her pain with the world, there’s no hiding behind arty metaphors and characters in Vulnicura; it’s her raw, unfiltered thoughts and fears set to an expansive, sorrowful soundscape of strings and heavy, apocalyptic production. And that’s part of what makes it so affecting – this is a side of Björk we hadn’t seen before. We’d had our fair share of breakup songs on previous albums, but they were always cloaked in mystery and ambiguity, whereas now we see everything; every anguished moment, every excruciating detail, and it hurts. There’s no escaping the fact that Vulnicura, by its very nature, is difficult to listen to.

    But there’s hope. Björk has always said that the writing and recording of Vulnicura – which literally translates as “cure for wounds” – was a necessary healing process. After originally admitting to wanting a short-lived campaign to get the album “over with quickly” and after being forced to cancel the corresponding tour due to emotional difficulties, just this week we saw the announcement of the Vulnicura Virtual Reality world tour and several new music videos. Björk’s continued investment in the album over a year later suggests that she’s in a much happier, more comfortable place in her life now, having worked through her grief with Vulnicura at her side. The album is not only a testament to Björk’s steadfast talent and creativity during such a difficult time in her life, but to the healing power of music in general. Björk needed to make this album. We may never truly appreciate the depth of meaning behind it (at least, I hope you all won’t, anyway), but we can certainly appreciate Vulnicura for what it is – an expertly crafted collection of songs explicitly designed to offer solace and acceptance for those who need it, not least Björk herself. And it works. Can’t say fairer than that.​
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  2. Screaming at @Baby Clyde's average!


    Surely that's a record?
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  3. Hah, his Medúlla and Biophilia averages were both exactly 2! Using the full range of numbers up in here.
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  4. I mean shit...
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  5. At least I'm consistent.
  6. Remember when you gave a Jessie J album a higher average than Post? Good times.
  7. That's only because I gave It's Oh So Shitty a 0, which I stand by. My average would've been 8+ otherwise.
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  8. 'Play Dead' is brilliant, but for me Debut ends perfectly with 'The Anchor Song'.
  9. Just caught up with this thread after a busy week. Was really hoping "It's Not Up To You" would make it to the top 10, but I'm still very pleased with it's best album track accolade.

    Not to rub it in considering how close it got, but I really should have given Stonemilker a 10 (sorry everyone)

    And Play Dead fully deserves it's top 10 place, whether it's part of Debut or as an "Other"

    My scores for the top 10 are:
    1x 11
    8x 10s
    1x 9

    So I think this has gone quite well for me!
    I'm considering submitting commentary for the top 10. Doing it for the whole rate seemed pretty daunting. Will have to see if I can get my brain in gear/actually have anything interesting to say.
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  10. I don't count Play Dead as even being on Debut. It's not on my copy but then I bought it on vinyl the first day of its release.

    It is magnificent though. One of the very best records she's ever made and the negative comments towards it here are bewildering. I remember the overwhelmingly positive reaction it got when it first came out and had no idea that had changed in any way over the years. It's still epic. I assumed it was going to win easily.

    Have literally no idea what will win at the moment as the most obvious possibilities to me seem to be getting a lot of criticism.
  11. On that subject (And why Venus As A Boy got my 11) I very clearly remember buying Debut the day it came out. It was in the small independent record shop at the top of Gabriel's Hill. We were going to Brighton for the day and jumped out of the car to get it whilst picking up my friends from outside Burger King (The traditional meeting place for everything in my town).

    Moved to London a month later and played the album constantly (Along with Gabrielle's debut).

    Instead of going to Uni which was ostensibly what I had moved for I spent the vast majority of time being a club kid. Dressing up, going out every night and befriending DJ's, drag queens and 80's pop stars. Also coming out. Not that I was ever really in but once I came to London it became official.

    It was around the December time that I met a boy. I clearly remember the first time I ever saw him. He was sitting on the stage in a club and he looked up and smiled at me. To this day he is still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Literally 'Venus As A Boy'. I lost him that night but a couple of weeks later we saw each other at another club and immediately started talking. Said he's been looking for me as well. We had a brief interlude which I clearly took far more seriously than he did. He was never my boyfriend (For reasons far too complicated to go into) and looking back I must have been super intense as I was in the early stages of what can only be described as me losing the plot.

    I bought tickets for us to go and see Bjork together but by the time the concert came round a month or so later be was seeing someone else and hadn't told me. This is way before the days of Facebook or even mobile phones. I'd only found out about it by total chance and putting two and two together.

    Anyway on the night of the concert we met and took our seats upstairs but turned out that some of his friends (Including the new boy who I wasn't supposed to know anything about) had a spare ticket for downstairs so he went and saw the show with them instead.

    Knowing that the evening was going to be fraught I'd drunk a whole bottle of Port before leaving my house. Spent most of the night throwing up under my seat. Don't remember anything about it.

    We kinda parted ways after that although we still saw each other out a lot. I remember the boyfriend was always a bit intimidated by me. He even came up to me once and asked why I didn't like him. I don't remember my reply but it would have been suitably cunty.

    I kind of fell to pieces after all of this. Stopped eating. Weighed about 8 stone. I looked amazing. No one would have known as I was very good at putting on a brave face and to be honest whilst it was the worst period of my life I was also having the most fun ever. My only ambition in life had always been to move to London, get into nightclubs for free and be fabulous. I knew Boy George, I hung out with George Michael, I was in a group with Jacquie O'Sullivan. I met Lightning from The Gladiators. I was 19 but despite suffering from what I now know to be depression I was conversely living my dream.

    I dropped out of Uni. I mean who wants to do a essay on the ethics of abortion when they have a tartan look to plan for Saturday night. I was also making music at the time and all the songs I wrote or recorded for the next few years were all about him. I don't play them now, don't even own some of them but it does mean that he's played a strangely important role in my life despite only having anything to do with each other for a couple of months.

    It wasn't his fault that I cracked up, he was just there at the exact time that I did, so will forever be associated with these best/worst times of my life and Venus As A Boy will forever be linked with him in my head.

    Saw him a couple of years back in a nightclub. He still looked remarkably trim (He's my age so much have been nearly 40 at the time) but he had his top off, was munted, gurning and ostentatiously snogging some boy on the dance floor. It was all a bit undignified. Nearly said hello but decided not to as I prefer to remember him as the beautiful child I first saw sat on that stage.

    I believe in beauty he's Venus As A Boy.
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  12. That was one of the most beautiful posts I've read on this forum and made me love Venus as a Boy more than I already did. Thank you for sharing! Knew you had a heart.
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  13. Exactly what I thought.
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  14. Don't say things like that. You'll ruin my rep.
  15. I want to live inside Unison. I want to breathe it eternally. And if I had a chance to alter my scores, it would have probably been my 11. It just needed one more month to fully take over me.
  16. I love that post baby Clyde - and lightening was always my favourite gladiator
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  17. Noooo. It was all about Jet!!!
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  18. Ray


    I've just forgiven everything, @Baby Clyde. Come into my chubby arms.
  19. Ray


    I am waiting, hesitating and anticipating.
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  20. Righto, we'll be taking our first dip into the Top 10 today! Requests, predictions, fears?

    If anyone wants to get some commentary in you'll have a few wee hours, y'know how slow I am!
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