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The Björk Rate: Complete.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. 'Animalia tagged you in a post in the thread It's Not Up To You: The Björk Rate (#4!).'

    I felt my heart break in a trizillion pieces because I knew the moment arrived.
    So anyway, how amazing is this fucking mammoth of a song??? When the 'leave me now rihhhhhturn toNITEEEE' bit kicks in and slowly builds up to the big note, I lose it. She stays unconventional and mesmerizing on such a cinematic record. Instant favourite.


  2. [​IMG]

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  3. LTG


    I'm so happy at Pagan Poetry doing this well. I would have expected it to be around 17-11 but yas at our collective good taste.
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  4. Joga is out?! I actually thought it would win strongly as it did the altqueensrate (and my low score is not here now). Bjork has two songs in the winners rate, so I will be following close.
  5. Jóga's still in!
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  6. Are those the album titles? Post Vespertine and Homogenic.

    Sorry I am a mess. But I will still be following
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  7. I really dislike that 'Bachelorette' beat 'Isobel'. IT'S JUST UNFAIR.
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  8. They are sorry yeah! No worries, who knows, you might still have a new winner to add...
  9. You're so incredibly sweet. At what time will you start this? I'm going out with friends at night but will leave earlier to catch this live. Kii.
  10. I hope Hyper-ballad doesn't win, because, well, how dull: a Björk ranking of songs and Hyper-ballad wins. I'm extra sorry I didn't take part and missed my chance to nuke it. Jóga is all right, but it's not top 3. Basically Pagan Poetry to win.
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  11. I'd actually be OK with any of these three winning. I mean, I would have preferred some others to be there -- 'Unravel' you gorgeous underachiever -- but at this point I'm finding peace.
  12. Ray


    "Pagan Poetry" should have left us around #15.
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  13. I'll probably do #3 around 9pm? Then the finale around half past or 10pm all going well.
  14. I should have given Bachelorette a 10.

    Not sure any of the Top 3 would make my Top 10.
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  15. Oh well, may not be here then, I'll catch it later then.
  16. When abouts will you be around? I'm still working on the last two so it wouldn't be able to be much earlier than that m'fraid.
  17. Having no idea how it goes I just played Pagan Poetry.

    WTF??? How did that get this far?

    I'm really hoping my inevitable low score kicks it out. If I gave it above a 5 I'll be annoyed with myself.
  18. Honestly Pagan Poetry deserves a 25 out of 10 and is our rightful winner.
  19. (You gave it a 7.)
  20. Ray


    Torture us @Animalia and do the finale tomorrow!
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