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The Björk Rate: Complete.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. RJF


    "Hyperballad" should have won, but it's hard to be mad at a rate so lovingly and diligently executed. Well done @Animalia for breaking the curse on Alt Rates. All of it was beautiful.
  2. Thank you @Animalia for doing one of my all time favorite artists so proud. One of the most flawlessly run rates I've been a part of, and I couldn't be happier with the results.
  3. Amazing winner. Amazing rate. @Animalia this was a real labour of love on your part and I loved being a part of it, reading everyone's comments and learning a whole lot more about Bjork!

    And lastly, thank you for not making us listen to 'Holographic Entrypoint' or indeed any of Drawing Restraint 9.
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  4. As much as I wanted an extra track to represent Bjorkie in the winners rate...Joga is objectively the best Bjork song so well done everyone.

    Oh and come through with that 10.00 average! When will your fave EVER?
  5. This has been such an incredible journey. @Animalia... you could have just done the bare minimum, but I think it's safe to say for all of us that you singlehandedly enhanced our enjoyment of Björk's amazing discography. The sheer quality of your write-ups made seeing many of our favourite tracks leave a little less hard. Lastly, thank you for your patience!! Guys, your commentary had me living the entire time, especially @Ray's Biophilia Torments. Still mad at Unison not being in the top 10, but eh.

    Thank you all for the experience. And I hope you will be all participating in my Ashley Tisdale rate. 27/06. If you aren't, It's Alright, It's OK.



    This song is just... a masterpiece. Nothing left to say.

    And I will be waiting for I Rate Humble: The Björk B-Sides Rate.

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  6. Now
    Yes to that rate and that title (much better than my idea of "Generous Ratestroke")
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  7. I also thought about that title! Along with "Sweet Rate-uition", "Rate Soldier" and "Verati".
  8. I didn't vote in this (I lost interest in her music with 'Vespertine', other than 'Pagan Poetry' and to a lesser extent 'Hidden Place', though still like the earlier stuff), but I'm pleased to see 'Joga' and 'Hyper-ballad' were the top two, in that order, as that's how I would've ranked them.
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  9. @Animalia - thank you so much for a thoroughly entertaining rate and all the obvious hard work you have put in (although like a concerned parent at times I thought you need to be concentrating on your studies! Ha!)

    I really enjoyed reading up on the back ground to the songs and participating in this rate made me do something I've been promising myself to do for a while which was to really sit down and listen to some of the back corners of bjorks discography which I'd previously skipped over and in doing so found some songs I absolutely love now.

    I wish I had a way with words like you. Your descriptions and write ups are so enthusiastic and infectious and even though some of the back catalogue I'm not too keen on (medulla for example) , learning more about the album has made me at least appreciate it.

    Well done joga!
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  10. A 10 average is truly amazing!

    Well done @Animalia
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  11. I cannot believe this rate is already over. I remember being in such a miserable state with my life when it started and it almost evolved along with me back to a better place. Not only I learned a billion things about good sis Björk, but my passion for her grew in weird new ways, as I was relatively a new-ish fan when this began. I've come a long way, and I'm prouder than ever to be part of this fanbase now.
    I remember someone here said that you should put together all your commentaries and release it as a book haha they were so nice to read it made you forget about the tragic loss of entire albums so early on.
    @Animalia - I salute you!!
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  12. This was such a wonderful rate from start to finish. So well done @Animalia!!
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  13. Ray


    Average of 10! I'm proud of yall, except obviously @Baby Clyde. Thank you for hosting, @Animalia! Those writeups need to be collected and sold on Amazon as ebooks.
  14. This was a great rate.I'm glad to be a part of it!
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  15. Hurrah for Joga. My 11 rarely wins, but I am so pleased for it.

    Thanks for doing all this @Animalia - it's been as exhilarating as throwing car parts, bottles and cutlery off a cliff top.
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  16. Ray


    We found out again that EVERYFINK IS MOOSIK! Except for Biophilia of course.
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  17. Well shucks, thanks for all the kind words!

    This was probably the most physically/emotionally exhausting thing I've ever done teebs, it was way more work than I thought it would be, but also way more fun and rewarding too. I've really developed a new appreciation for Björk through doing this, and I'm glad you guys have too!

    A big ol' THANK YOU to everyone who voted, commented or just tagged along for the ride! I'll get the summaries & write-ups for Vespertine, Post and Homogenic up over the next few days, along with a final leaderboard and I'll chuck the spreadsheet up somewhere too!

    Cheers y'all!

  18. WAIT

    I was just having a quick look at B-sides/covers etc. and I had no idea she covered Petula Clark's Downtown live with a proper orchestra!?!?

    Why is she literally just the best?
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. I got teary reading the top 3, I love her and her music so much it's hard to place any one song above another but this has been perfect.

    @Animalia this was a huge undertaking and you've done a stellar job I've enjoyed every second, bravo.
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