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The Björk Rate: Complete.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. I'll have to read through this whole thread when I get around to it, because it all looks amazing. Bravo!
  2. LTG


    My favourite is her karaoke to Love Will Tear Us Apart for a karaoke-athon to raise money for some environmental issue in Iceland.

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  3. LTG


    Also the Sugarcubes doing Dancing Queen

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  4. Björk & PJ Harvey's Rolling Stones cover is... something else, too.
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  5. LTG


    YES! Imagine that getting okayed for the Brits nowadays!
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  6. Her best cover will always be this. Insuperable.

    Also, my warmthest appreciation to @Animalia for the commendable way he conducted this rate! Even if the scores didn't always make Björk's genius justice, your write-ups, verve and enthusiasm surely did. You made us prouder to be fans.
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  7. Ray


    I miss this rate so much already.
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  8. Thanks so much @Animalia! While I can't agree with a lot of the placings I can agree that your hosting and write-ups were top notch. Such a great job!
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  10. Sis.
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  11. *twirls and slut drops*
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  12. @Animalia doesn't deserve your unashamed tagging!
  13. This rate has made me happier and more emotional than any other! Good old BJÖRK does that to me!
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  14. Here's where I confess that I gave it a 9 at first, but then deducted a half-point because I had a feeling it would win and I really wanted two Bjork songs in the second Winners' Rate! It's gorgeous, though, so I can't be upset about it winning even if I don't love it quite as much as some of the others (we really are spoiled for choice with Bjork).

    This was an excellent rate. Thank you, @Animalia.
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  15. One of my favourite covers, even if it isn't actually hers:

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  16. Um.

    I love ya clockie, but I can't endorse this message!
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  17. Hyperballad is by far the best Bjork song that I've heard so it should have won.

    I didn't vote in this because my knowledge of her back catalogue is fairly limited, and the idea of rating the entire thing as a mostly-newbie was far too daunting and impossible. I haven't really commented either purely because you all clearly adore these songs and I didn't really feel like I had much to contribute, but I've been reading it since the start and you've done an absolutely fantastic job @Animalia. I hope you do another rate soon, so I can take part.
  18. Fab work, @Animalia! Such a great rate.

    Now both the winning songs from the two rates I've hosted have gone on to win discography rates. Frozen won the first Winners rate, so fingers crossed for Joga in the sequel.
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  19. Thank you @Animalia for a truly flawless rate. My love for Björk has been revived and God knows my knowledge of her work and the meaning behind it all has grown immensely over the past few weeks.
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  20. I'm sad I missed the run in (and I'm sad about Army of Me) but what a twisty-turny, brilliant rate. There were highs, lows, songs that did better than I could have hoped, songs that I love that bombed out early, really everything. Great work @Animalia
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