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The Björk Rate: Complete.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Came here to say the same thing haha! Just want to thank @Animalia once again for giving me the opportunity to completely fall in love with Miss B and her incredible work. Scrolling through old posts and looking back at this rate makes me feel all kinds of things. All kinds of fans, new and old, coming together to celebrate her music. Superb! Cannot wait for her new project and where it might fit among the current ranking.
  2. I didn't even take part in this rate but a few months ago I delved into the world of Bjork and I managed to catch up on this rate and I just loved how the write-ups was massive and told everything about the song and @Animalia managed to incorporate commentary into them flawlessly. Seriously the effort that went into putting this rate together is just amazing. You did that, sis
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  3. Yeah, I didn't partake either but I inhaled this entire thread a month ago when I was on a Björk kick. Absolutely splendid stuff, @Animalia
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  4. [​IMG]

    Soooo I just logged in after a wee Christmas break to find 256 likes, almost all from the good sis @LE0Night in this thread (love you). It felt pretty great for like ten seconds before it hit me that I never actually posted the last three album summaries!? Shit.

    I can only apologise; basically I might have had my priorities ever so slightly skewed and after crowning the winner I only had a few weeks left to start finish up my master's degree thesis. I had to take a step back from the forum for a while and, honestly, by the time everything had calmed down it had completely slipped my mind. Again, super sorry.

    I'll do my best to get all your Japanese Bonus Track post-rate goodies posted before the new year! If y'all could treat this like one of those Christmas presents you accidentally find in your parents' cupboard weeks early and have to act surprised by when you get them, that would be awesome. Thank you all again for the kind words - honestly running this was so much fucking fun and kept me sane and happy through some of the toughest times of my life, so it means a lot.

    Stay amazing y'all xo
  5. HIYA. Let's begin our belated countdown to Popjustice's Favourite Björk Album, shall we?

    In an honourable third place...

    it's Post.


    Accidentally scoring a hit debut and essentially becoming a popstar overnight must have been something of a double-edged sword. Sure, touring the world and finding yourself a poster girl for every indie tastemaker magazine going must be pretty cool, but in reality – where the fuck do you go next? The dreaded Second Album Effect looms above, threatening fiery destruction at the slightest hint of artistic evolution. You have family, fans and a record label watching your every move, dependent on commercial viability and stability. Surely the safest course would be to capitalise on your current position, to continue along the same path, to remain faithful to your original sound and hopefully ensure some continued success and relevance in the industry?

    “Fuck that.”
    Björk, 1994 [paraphrase, probably]

    For someone as mercurial and impulsive as Björk, that wasn’t gonna cut it. On the contrary, her burgeoning fame and success had brought with it a newfound sense of confidence, of not just a willingness, but a fierce desire to innovate and inspire, to straddle the stale world of ‘90s pop and beat it into submission. Recruiting a whole host of up-and-coming producers to work alongside Nellee Hooper, it’s clear that the mission statement going into Post-production (get it?) was to take Debut’s multi-faceted electro-pop template and dial every single note, every conceivable emotion and nuance all the way up 11. The soulful exuberance Björk had found success with was still very much present, but soothing beiges and wistful nostalgia had been cast aside in favour of shocking pinks, garish oranges and a fervent, relentless energy. If Debut was a polite introduction to each side of Björk’s musical personality, Post was an in-depth psychoanalysis of her character, fluctuating wildly between smooth soulfulness and provocative mystery, between tentative fragility and chaotic aggression in an instant. It’s an eccentric, colourful smorgasbord of emotion which has stood the test of time and kicked its sorry ass; Post remains as effortlessly fantastic and captivating in 2016 as it was in 1994, a true testament to Björk’s genius, bravery, charisma, uniqueness, nerve and – above all else – talent. Any current-generation popstar would gladly kill for the opportunity to put their name to a single as ground-breaking, enduring and just downright fucking brilliant as the likes of Army of Me, Hyperballad, Isobel, Possibly Maybe, I Miss You, hell – even It’s Oh So Quiet – while Björk was just effortlessly chucking them out every few months 23 bloody years ago.

    It’s a word that gets thrown around a bit too often these days but fuck it, Post is a legitimately, undeniably iconic album and long may its impact on the world of pop music continue.​
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  6. I'm convinced @Animalia is actually a genius, your write-ups are flawless.
    Isobel was robbed
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  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR from someone who vastly underestimated how busy/drunk/hungover he'd be over the past week. Let's finish this.

    Your second favourite Björk album is...



    Wow I regret using that font for the entire graphic OH WELL ANYWAY

    Borne from Björk’s unhappiness and frustration filming Dancer In The Dark, the recording of Vespertine acted as a safe haven, where she was able to explore and celebrate those vulnerabilities and find comfort and happiness within. The beauty of the album is that it invites you into this private world with a loving embrace, enveloping you in its intricate soundscape and taking you on a journey through thoughts and feelings you weren’t even aware you harboured. It’s an immersive, insular little world full of wonder and affection, a sanctuary from the pains and stresses or everyday life. Growing up, I actually didn’t care for this album – I’d pester my brother to put Post or Homogenic back on during his Björk kicks – but the older I get and the more shit the world throws at me, the more I appreciate and respect the tranquil fragility of Vespertine. It’s the kind of album you listen to in full on a cold, dark night by yourself, just waiting for sleep so you can wake up and hopefully have a better tomorrow. It bears a cathartic nature not entirely dissimilar to Vulnicura’s in some respects; but in this case, love is the healer, rather than the affliction. It’s romantic, intimate, private, but at the same time, universal.

    Let’s put poetic hyperbole aside for a second though, lest we forget that the real triumph of Vespertine is the music itself. Every lyrical quirk, every subtle twist and turn in the production, every orchestral swell; they all weave together seamlessly to create something truly, stunningly unique. There’s so much detail, so much life breathed into each and every track, there’s something new to discover with every listen and it only gets better with time. Post and Homogenic might house her most instantly recognisable tracks, but to me, Vespertine is the quintessential Björk album; not only did it serve to once again highlight her undeniable talents as a songwriter and vocalist, but it saw her really step forward as a producer, engineer, composer, etc. and shine in every single damn role. It’s no wonder that every time an artist describes their coming music as “deeply personal”, or we hear the faintest hint of strings matched with glitchy production, threads erupt into cries of I NEED HER VESPERTINE NOWWWWW etc. but let’s be real – there will never be another Vespertine. Björk did that, and your faves could literally never. Basically, what I’m trying to say is:

  8. Which can only mean...


    This result was inevitable, really. I mean, it's fucking Homogenic, an album often heralded as not just the best Björk album, but one of the greatest albums of all time. Debut and Post might have laid the foundations for Björk’s career as an indie pop starlet, but this was the album that cemented her legacy as a goddamn icon. Still inspiring think-pieces and retroactive reviews across the internet to this day, Homogenic is a classic example of a truly timeless album – a carbon copy could be released tomorrow and it would still be hailed as an innovative, forward-thinking triumph and that’s the tea, ladies. I don’t even feel any hesitation saying that this album paved the way for the genre of female-lead alt-pop we take for granted these days; it’s the all-conquering, towering gold standard to which countless aspire, but will likely never reach. From the militaristic urgency of Hunter to the peaceful melancholy of Unravel, the chaotic aggression of Pluto to the heavenly bliss of All Is Full Of Love – there’s a whole Myers-Briggs test of personalities and emotions on display here, and each and every one is conveyed to the fullest effect.

    Now, I know comparisons to other rates are somewhat pointless and inaccurate ‘cause each one would’ve had a different number/make-up of voters and all that jazz, but let me live for a second and let’s have a chat about that album average, shall we? 8.68/10 is bloody ridiculous, y’all. To put it into Popjustice context: Ray of Light = 8.09; The Fame Monster = 8.41; Lemonade = 8.48; hell, the only album I can find that (only just) beat this was E•MO•TION at 8.71. Again, I know that’s not a truly representative comparison but it sure as hell says something about the sheer, undeniable quality we’re dealing with here. This is an album that will be celebrating its 20th anniversary later this year, and we’re still crowning it as one of the greatest we’ve ever rated on our lovely little godforsaken corner of the internet, and it’s more than deserving all the praise and accolades it receives. It’s just fucking incredible in every way, basically. There's not much else I can say.

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  9. And FINALLY, I've uploaded my beautiful spreadsheet here incase anyone fancies poking around or seeing what the leaderboard would've looked like had certain rate villains not voted (spoiler: it's not that different). There's a tab in there that kept track of how each song's position changed with each set of votes, so y'all can see first-hand what effect you had on your faves!

    Once again, thank you all so much for taking part in this all those months ago, and for being so patient with me (seriously, y'all should've kicked my ass for not posting these AGES ago). Here's to us having fabulous taste, and to Björk's continued ingenuity and success.


    (Far right is @clockworknovak looking on from the void. RIP sis.)


    See y'all in the Disney Classics Rate, coming your way... #soon.

  10. Homogenic is the most glacial and at the same time most heated album I've ever heard, and just for that I love it. The songs, the instruments, the melodies, the vocals make it my favourite ever.
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  11. I added in what would have been my scores and here's the entire leaderboard:
    #96 - Ancestors (3.67)
    #95 - Dark Matter (3.74)
    = #93 - Miðvikudags (4.41)
    = #93 - The Comet Song (4.41)
    #92 - Öll Birtan (4.65)
    #91 - Hollow (4.69)
    #90 - Náttúra (5.36)
    #89 - Solstice (5.49)
    #88 - Submarine (5.59)
    #87 - Hope (5.65)
    #86 - My Juvenile (5.67)
    #85 - Show Me Forgiveness (5.89)
    #84 - I See Who You Are (5.90)
    #83 - Pneumonia (6.14)
    #82 - 107 Steps (6.19)
    #81 - Mouth Mantra (6.20)
    #80 - Sacrifice (6.38)
    #79 - The Anchor Song (6.44) [-1]
    #78 - Moon (6.48) [+1]
    #77 - Sonnets/Unrealities XI (6.52)
    #76 - Cover Me (6.57)
    #75 - Thunderbolt (6.60)
    = #73 - Aeroplane (6.61) [+1]
    = #73 - Like Someone In Love (6.61)
    #72 - Vertebrae By Vertebrae (6.81)
    #71 - Vökuró (6.89) [-1]
    = #69 - Family (6.92) [+1]
    = #69 - Headphones (6.92) [-3]
    #68 - Atom Dance (6.97)
    = #66 - The Dull Flame of Desire (6.98) [+1]
    = #66 - Virus (6.98) [+1]
    #65 - Cosmogony (7.01)
    = #63 - Notget (7.05) [+1]
    = #63 - Sun In My Mouth (7.05)
    #62 - You've Been Flirting Again (7.18)
    #61 - It's Oh So Quiet (7.26)
    #60 - Quicksand (7.31)
    #59 - In The Musicals (7.38)
    #58 - Mouth's Cradle (7.39)
    = #56 - An Echo, A Stain (7.47) [+1]
    = #56 - Immature (7.47)
    #55 - Pleasure Is All Mine (7.59)
    #54 - History of Touches (7.61) [-1]
    #53 - Cvalda (7.64) [+1]
    #52 - Scatterheart (7.65)
    #51 - Harm of Will (7.68)
    = #49 - Innocence (7.74) [+1]
    = #49 - The Modern Things (7.74) [-1]
    = #47 - One Day (7.78) [+1]
    = #47 - There's More To Life Than This (7.78) [-1]
    #46 - All Neon Like (7.82) [-2]
    #45 - Aurora (7.83) [+2]
    #44 - Wanderlust (7.86) [+1]
    #43 - Declare Independence (7.90)
    #42 - Heirloom (7.93)
    #41 - Where Is The Line (7.97) [-3]
    #40 - Lionsong (7.98) [+1]
    #39 - Mutual Core (8.00) [+1]
    #38 - Pluto (8.01)
    #37 - Alarm Call (8.05)
    #36 - Crystalline (8.07)
    = #34 - Crying (8.08) [+1]
    = #34 - Come To Me (8.08)
    #33 - 5 Years (8.22) [-2]
    #32 - Undo (8.24) [+1]
    #31 - It's In Our Hands (8.25)
    #30 - I've Seen It All (8.26)
    #29 - Violently Happy (8.39)
    #28 - Cocoon (8.48) [-1]
    #27 - Oceania (8.49) [+1]
    #26 - Who Is It (8.53)
    #25 - Desired Constellation (8.55) [-1]
    #24 - New World (8.56) [+1]
    #23 - Black Lake (8.60)
    #22 - Triumph of a Heart (8.63)
    #21 - Big Time Sensuality (8.69)
    = #19 - Enjoy (8.74) [-1]
    = #19 - I Miss You (8.72) [+1]
    #18 - Earth Intruders (8.77)
    #17 - Isobel (8.84) [sobs]
    #16 - Possibly Maybe (8.88) [-2]
    #15 - Unison (8.89) [+1]
    #14 - Unravel (8.91) [+1]
    #13 - It's Not Up To You (8.95)
    #12 - Venus as a Boy (8.98)
    #11 - Play Dead (9.08) [-1]
    #10 - Stonemilker (9.09) [+1]
    #9 - Human Behaviour (9.26)
    #8 - Hidden Place (9.28)
    #7 - All Is Full Of Love (9.41) [-1]
    #6 - Hunter (9.45) [+1]
    #5 - Army of Me (9.47)
    #4 - Bachelorette (9.51)
    #3 - Pagan Poetry (9.61)
    #2 - Hyperballad (9.92)
    #1 - Jóga (10.00)
    Not too many differences but I'm bored.

    Also @Baby Clyde's scores were almost troll like. There were only 3 10s (in the entire rate), one in Debut (with an 11 as well), one in Post and one in Selmasongs. Which means no 10s in Homogenic at all (wtf). The highest score in all of post-'Selmasongs' albums was a 7, both of which were in Vespertine. The highest in Medulla and Volta was a 6, highest in Biophillia was a 4 and in Vulnicura(!!!?!?!?), the highest was a 3, littered all over the album.
    I get that giving 10s to everything isn't some people's gig, but in this case it looks like they weren't even bothered with 2000s - Present-day Bjork. True artists develop their style as they themselves grow as a person and if she continued along the same path as her early 90s music, she would have stopped wherever Baby Clyde's last 10 was. Yes, maybe you believe Debut was her best, but if you haven't enjoyed music in a decade there's no need to put down the rest of her music when others enjoy it. But at the end of the day, it's not personal, it's a Bjork rate. These songs' average increase by 0.1 or more (29) (still including my scores)
    The Comet Song
    Öll Birtan
    Hope (+0.15)
    My Juvenile
    I See Who You Are
    Mouth Mantra
    Vertebrae By Vertebrae
    The Dull Flame of Desire
    Mouth's Cradle
    Harm Of Will
    Declare Independence
    Lion Song
    Where Is The Line
    Come To Me
    Triumph of a Heart
    Black Lake
    New World
    Due to these songs increasing in average a few other songs decreased because Baby Clyde didn't hurt them too much
    On an unrelated, unbitter note, will there be a B-Sides rate?
  12. Bumping Stonemilker into the Top 10 over Play Dead would've prevented a lot of strife, shame you weren't around! RE: Baby Clyde, yes his scores were low but he did explain that he just has a different way of rating (only giving 9s/10s to songs he'd want to win etc.) and they didn't make a huge difference anyway so I thought the more the merrier!

    And as for a B-Sides rate, I'd be game for signing up to do it after my next one if there's demand for it and no one else fancies giving it a go! But only on the condition that Domestica will win.
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  13. Giving Vulnicura a 2.33 average nullifies any explanation teebs.
    But one person bombing out the averages didn't really do much, I was just baffled with the absolute hatred towards post-Selmasongs albums.
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  14. Hah, we all were!

    I still haven't forgiven you all for doing Declare Independence like that.
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  15. Or Lionsong. Or Pleasure Is All Mine. Or Biophillia. Or Volta. Or Vulnicura. Or Undo. Or Isobel. Or Pluto. I could go on.
    Also I would have been Dark Matter's highest scorer
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  16. Those write-ups are amazing! I need to read through this thread one of these days.
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  17. Yas pull a @LE0Night and gift me 250 likes overnight please.
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  18. I probably will. lol
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  19. Ray


    Imagine if she followed Debut with Biophilia.
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