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The Björk Rate: Complete.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. This relentless assault on Medulla fucked me up
  2. I'm sad.

    It may only be 2 minutes long but it's so beautiful.
  3. Come on, guys... I agree with the others here that this should not be out yet. I love acapella Björk. It's a nice little poem that serves as an interlude to the beautiful strangeness that comes after it.
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  4. Right. Quiz over, hipsterhunties almost prevailing, let's do this.


    #84 – I See Who You Are (5.87)

    Highest: 10 x1 (@vikeyeol)
    Lowest: 2 x1 (@enjoy)

    In a strange turn of events, Volta now equals Biophilia for number of casualties thus far. I kinda expected a few more Biophilia tracks to bow out before this one, but I can’t say I’m particularly heartbroken. It’s cute, but there isn’t all that much going on and in the end it’s just a tad forgettable in the grand scheme of her discography, in my opinion.

    While Hope spoke of Björk’s regrets regarding her son’s upbringing, I See Who You Are is speaking directly to her daughter Isadora, confessing undying love for her at a spiritual level. I mean undying in the literal sense, of course. Her love will last long into the century, when they’ve both become corpses, apparently. Cute.

    Do you hear that? That’s the sound of oriental strings echoing in the distance. Enter constantino! “A Low-key Brian Eno Music for Airports-worthy bop. For those who don’t know, Brian Eno’s Music for Airports series is one of the greatest ever releases in music history (in my opinion) so that’s a huge compliment. I just adore oriental strings; they have such a lovely ambiance about them”. Congrats on being the first person to ever use the word’s “Brian Eno” and “bop” in the same sentence, I guess! “So chilled”, P’NutButter claims, “it's one the best tracks to just have on and forget the bollocks of reality”. You might wanna stick it on and forget the bollocks of this rate, by the looks of things. One Stop Candy Shop and Can’t Speak French won’t be sad to see the back of this one though, chiming in with “It's on the bland side” and “You are feeling very sleepy…”, respectively. Push offers up the best/worst back-handed compliment in the music biz, calling it a “nice song”, before suggesting it “would be nicer as the B-side to one of the singles”. AllGagaLike shares my opinion on the Mark Bell remix on the deluxe album: “Silly me spent the longest time thinking the Mark Bell remix was the official version. But this... is actually superior”. It really is. You’d think a remix would be just what this song needs, but it really doesn’t help it at all. Finally, we may have just uncovered the traumatic event that caused Ray to snap. “The moment I had to stop defending Björk from people who said she just drones and moans without anything resembling a melody. That's what this ‘song’ is”. And so, a monster was born. (I love ya really, sis.)

    I know I keep posting remixes by the same person, but they’re all amazing. Thanks for the heads up, @P'NutButter!

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  5. Not Ridu making the whole 'Volta' experience listenable.
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  6. It took me a while to get this track but it is so nice, it's almost like an extension of 'Hidden Place'... a tropical alternative to the harshness.

    Where 'Hope' went wrong with it's simplistic instrumental and lack of melody, 'I See Who You Are' got right.
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  7. and these Volta covers are gorgeous.
  8. Poor Volta...

    As long as Earth Intruders, Wanderlust, The Dull Flame of Desire, Innocence, I See Who You Are, Vertebræ by Vertebræ and Declare Independence remain intact for now.

    ESPECIALLY Wanderlust...I'm warning y'all...
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  9. I should have given this a 10. 'I See Who You Are' is so beautiful. It's like you guys are tearing out my heart piece by piece.
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  10. Thank you!

    Don't hate me.


    #83 – Pneumonia (6.09)

    Highest: 10 x4 (@Up Down Suite, @enjoy, @clockworknovak, @P'NutButter)
    Lowest: 1 x1 (@etienne)

    In an even stranger turn of events, Volta has suddenly overtaken Biophilia. At least this cut sees us flying into 6+ averages though, yaaaaas, slaaay etc. Fun and games aside, this one definitely shouldn't be out this early, I hope the ghosts of clockie’s & P’Nut’s hopes and dreams haunt you all tonight.

    If I said Show Me Forgiveness is a vocal highlight on Medúlla, Pneumonia is definitely one of the same on Volta. Lyrically, Björk took inspiration from her weeks suffering and recovering from pneumonia, and the way she builds her vocal up from the quiet, fragile beginning to the triumphant crescendo really seems to embody that concept to me. It’s properly gorgeous. Björk has admitted that she also took cues from the film Pan’s Labyrinth while writing this song, inspired by Ofelia’s determination to believe in her imagination. Why am I not surprised that Björk loves that film though. It’s suitably insane.

    Turns out this one surprised quite a few of you, but not quite enough to rescue it, apparently. “Never used to like this,” AllGagaLike starts, “turns out it’s just a major grower! So powerful, and when she starts yelling… I’m obliterated”. We all love a good grower, eh? One Stop Candy Shop gets it. “I never really connected with Pneumonia before, but it suddenly clicked”. Up Down Suite calls it “incredibly atmospheric and beautiful”, meanwhile Push just lets out an almighty “UGH”, which I’m going to choose to believe is their way of expressing how painfully gorgeous the song is. Breaking news! Ray doesn’t like it. “She sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker and it got hospitalised and left us with this”. Björk’s all about those sick beats. constantino falls into the flop camp of negativity too. “OK, I like the instrumentation and I fully appreciate the vulnerability in her vocals…but it just isn’t terribly exciting nor is it as entrancing as the best moments on Vespertine…plus it feels like it goes on way longer than it actually does.” If the UN-DER-STAAAAAAAAND line ain’t exciting, I don’t know what it is teebs.

    I’ll leave this one with P’NutButter, who has spoken about their attachment to this song earlier in the thread, and fully deserves the final word after what you’ve all put them through today. Be strong, P’Nut. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

    This song just connects with me so much. It's helped me to feel comfort during bouts of depression and for that I can't explain my gratitude.

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  11. I'm OK. I'll be OK. I'm OK. I'm OK.

    I'm not OK.
  12. I mean, good lord y'all. This is one of my favorite ballads in the whole rate!

  13. Wow, whats up with the Volta carnage? Let alone Show Me Forgiveness, which is just incredible.
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  14. Also, seeing as we hear a lot about Medúlla lacking melodies, how can a song that's literally pure raw melody get no love?

    I didn't see Pneumonia getting the sack either. It is a little self-indulgent like every other Björk song that deals with her voice but its gorgeousness makes you forget about all the minor flaws. It pulls you in.

    I See Who You Are, well... There was a time where I defended it passionately from the ignominious accusation of sounding like the kind of music they play in cheap Chinese restaurants. But then I listened to it again, changed my mind and joined its enemies.
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  15. What if I tell you all that we see a new album lose a track next? Would that help?
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  16. It had better be Selmasongs for fuck's sake. I can't believe it's still not lost a track.
  17. I hate to break it to you...
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  18. I predict 107 Steps next.

    This is going swimmingly so far. Great job @Animalia!
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  19. 107 Steps is holding out rather surprisingly given what it is.

    Edit; NecessaryVoodoo predicting the same.
  20. I'm OK with ISWYA leaving but Pneumonia.. not so much. It's one of my favourites from Volta now!

    Let's start trimming the fat off Selmasongs, or maybe even Vulnicura.
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