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The Björk Rate: Complete.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Ray


    I love how the URL of this thread says "the-bjoerk-rate".

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  2. Of the Björk swan dress?
  3. Ray


    Both swan dress and you guys as PSB!
  4. A&E


    I am surprisingly okay with these eliminations. It's Oh So Quiet less so but I would have liked it placing around #50 anyway so this doesn't make a huge difference. It is lots of fun to scream along to and I actually do think it suits Bjork even if it's an oddity in her discography. Plus it gave us this moment:

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  5. [​IMG]

    I'm Chris Lowe with the specs. I couldn't see a thing for most of the night!


    Not the best quality for the swan dress one but you get the idea!
  6. Ray


    This is absolutely awesome and all that I wanted to see. Also I am terribly jealous – the most ambitious costume I've ever worn was that of a pirate. And even that was badly done.
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  7. Sun In My Mouth is flawless
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  8. BUH-BYE
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  9. LTG


    It might not be to your taste but I can't see how you can give it a 0. It's just Björk's version of a basic bop.
  10. It needed to leave before literally everything else good. It's alright but I skip it almost every time I listen to Post. For an artist like Bjork, it's just unnecessary.
  11. Kinda surprised that one didn't cause more ~controversy~ but it was always going to fall early, I guess. I was expecting top 40 at least, though. No amount of bad feeling can stop it being a stone-cold bop.

    I'm ready to ruin one person's night while making another's over the next few eliminations.
  12. And I don't know if it's true, but legend says she recorded it in just one take because she was late and the band didn't have time for other takes.

    Effortless queen.
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  13. The Top 60 beckons...


    #60 – Quicksand (7.31)

    Highest: 10 x4 (@P'NutButter, @constantino, @Andy French, @Petty Mayonnaise)
    Lowest: 3 x1 (@Baby Clyde)

    As the dell knell tolls for Vulnicura’s optimistic closing track, we find ourselves over halfway through the album, with only four of Björk’s newest songs remaining.

    Having been written four years prior, Quicksand was the “oldest” song on Vulnicura; by virtue of its age, it’s also the only song on the album not focussed on Björk’s heartbreak. Instead, Quicksand sees Björk declaring her love and respect for her mother, who had just suffered a heart attack that left her in a week-long coma when the song was written.

    One of the two songs on the album for which the good sis Arca is not credited as producer, Quicksand is a rather refreshing end to the almost endless melancholy of Vulnicura. Björk had tried adding various beats to the song, but none of them were working for her until she heard a song by Irish producer Spaces and asked his permission to use his production – obviously, being a person with basic common sense, logic, and barely a career to put to his name, he agreed. The production does stand out a bit on the album, especially with the song sitting right at the end, but it works: the healing process is over, and Björk is a changed person as a result, and so the album shifts gear in turn. It’s a welcoming, comforting moment of hope at the end of the album. A ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day.

    “Homogenic strikes again!” Ray proclaims, “It's really cool. It's not exactly a pop song but it's a great closer and I am glad she didn't swap it with ‘Mouth Mantra’ – so the album ends on an uplifting note (at least musically).” Yeesh, ending on Mouth Mantra would have been a bit of a downer. Which is saying something. One Stop Candy Shop agrees that “it’s nice to have a lighter song to end the album”, as does P’NutButter: “LOVE this so much, it's got a little bit of the Post album about it. I also leave this album the same way I leave the Post album, refreshed and comforted.” AllGagaLike calls it “one of her best album closers; so urgent yet mysterious, open yet conclusive”, while NecessaryVoodoo loves “that this unassuming bop is tucked away at the end of Vulnicura. Just when you're drained of any and all emotion she hits you with this.”

    “No shade,” Can’t Speak French warns, “I love how this ends so suddenly.” That sounds like shade to me, teebs. But what does Push think? “(insert Aretha Franklin looking at reporter shady GIF: mm, hmmm, mm-hm, okay.) It's fine. Surprisingly upbeat.” Mm-hm okay yourself, Push. This song is fantastic. Tell ‘em, Up Down Suite. “I like that she ends this with a much more electro song, this one progresses really well and rounds up the album as a whole. I would have ditched the orchestra and leave purely electro production, but I understand why she chose to do both, it attaches the song to the album better.”

    To finish us off, constantino described the song’s technical merits better than I could ever have hoped to: “I feel like this is the song I’ve been waiting to come on since Lionsong. The production is of a higher tempo than the rest of the album and the production is bit more urgent and aggressive. The vocal melody is fantastic and the glittering samples that cut across the warped strings are an incredible flourish. What a closer.”

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  14. A&E


    Oddly, I never liked Quicksand until I listened to the album again for the rate. It always sticked out like a sore thumb so I didn't get others' love for it but I am finally starting to get into it.
  15. Oh you fucking bollocky cock-headed twats!
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  16. (Is that image taking forever to load for anyone else or is it just me, by the way?)
  17. There is no image. It sunk in the quicksand. LOLZ.
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  18. Don't worry I think the internet in general is being a bastard this evening.
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  20. How have I not seen that before?! When someone mentioned dolphin noises earlier, I didn't realise they were serious! (Although, with Bjork should I expect any less?)

    With Quicksand's departure, I'm surprised Vulnicura isn't holding up better. I always had the impression it was well regarded, although was I seeing it through Biophilia-tinted glasses.
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