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The Björk Rate: Complete.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. A&E


    Well it does seem to be highly regarded by most Bjork fans but some of our voters are firm believers in tune and melody and as we all surely know all records released since The Day That Music Died (3/3/2000) lacked both of those qualities.
  2. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW @clockworknovak !?


    #59 – In The Musicals (7.36)

    Highest: 10 x4 (@kermit_the_frog, @Adzie, @ohnostalgia, @Karvel)
    Lowest: 4 x2 (@One Stop Candy Shop, @ManilaChinchila)

    Selmasongs finally sees its second cut, after 107 Steps left us 23 eliminations ago. This one’s probably a little bit overdue, no? A few of you have been calling (rather insensitively) for a cull from the album – is there where things to start to go downhill for li’l ol’ Selma? Who knows. Me.

    Damn though, this bit of the film is grim, right? It’s just… difficult to watch. It makes it even worse that the song is so fun and light-hearted – I want to bop and sing along but I get this little knot in my stomach whenever I remember the movie and it all just feels so... wrong.

    Written (like the rest of Selmasongs) with Sjón and Lars Von Trier, In The Musicals also features additional writing and production work from Homogenic-veteran Mark Bell. Several of the soundtrack versions of the songs differ greatly from the recordings used in Dancer In The Dark – In The Musicals appears as two separate, very different songs in the movie, with its Selmasongs edit splicing the two together. Additionally, the guest vocals from actor Joel Grey used in the film are missing from the album version (thank god).

    “Those basketball skids are genius!” P’NutButter says, which is amazing ‘cause I’d never noticed them until my boyfriend heard me playing the song and asked why I was listening to the audio of a high school basketball game. Sorry, please continue, P’Nut: “This is joyous isn't it? I wanna spin on tables...”. Can’t Speak French admits that they “need to listen to Selmasongs more, this is hot hot hot hot FIRE”, while constantino manages to hit almost all of Britney’s favourite keywords: “Well this was a curveball…so modern! So fresh! So funky! So fun! Well ok, the string section is a bit less mainstream, but the first verse is a fantastic moment and a definite album highlight!” Is it urban though? AllGagaLike “loves the instrumental section” and “can just imagine Björk going mental if it were played live.” Alas, it never has (to my knowledge, anyway). “This is a big musical song and at the same it's terribly painful, like a lot of this album.”, says Ray, “but this is practically Stephen Sondheim writing marrying Mark Bell's production. (How come Bell is so amazing producing Björk and so shit producing Depeche Mode?)” Björk brings out the best in her collaborators, obvs. Gaga hew?

    Unfortunately, One Stop Candy Shop sums it up with a phrase that could be applied to pretty much any Selmasong: “it doesn't work without the movie accompanying it”. Agreed. It’s still a great wee song, but the entire premise and power of it is lost without the context.

    Again, I'd rather not post the video incase it spoils anything for anyone, so just pretend there's a balls-to-the-walls boptastic remix down here, 'kay? Ta.​
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  3. Yes, mama. Destroy the songs of Selma.
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  4. NOOOOOOOOOOO. I refuse to watch Dancer in the Dark after @Petty Mayonnaise shared their nightmare experience with it. The songs completely worked for me without the movie.
  5. Possibly the most depressing movie I've ever seen.
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  6. I never listen to Selmasongs, but the songs are incredibly good (the movie is heartbreaking though, I think I saw it just twice, but that's Lars Von Trier, so) to me.
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  7. 'Dancer In The Dark' is one of, I think, two Lars movies I've not seen... from these comments, I'm not sure I want to!

    Although maybe if I want to get signed off from work for a fortnight with stress, I will reconsider.
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  8. I thought it was annoying. And as someone who hasn't yet seen Dancer In the Dark, it's intent of function is absent on me completely.
  9. Dancer in the Dark is a great film tho. People shouldn't be put of by the fact that its emotionally powerful.
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  10. All of you should see Dancer in the Dark. I mean, really. This is Björk 101.

    Lars von Trier has some interesting films. Melancholia is his best, if you ask me.
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  11. Dancer in the Dark is an amazing film. One of the most powerful things I've ever seen. I just don't feel like I ever need to watch it again.
  12. I'm sorry, @A&E.


    #58 – Mouth’s Cradle (7.37)

    Highest: 10 x4 (@NecessaryVoodoo, @enjoy, @clockworknovak, @Weslicious)
    Lowest: 0 x1 (No prizes for guessing… @Baby Clyde)

    Oh hey Medúlla. It’s been a while.

    We finally hit the trifecta of points that come up in this rate way more often than they probably should: masturbation, Joanna Newsom… and breastfeeding. Speaking of the meaning behind the song, Björk has said “When you are breast-feeding, that feeling that you are nourishing your child is the ultimate natural high. So with ‘Mouth’s Cradle’, I was imagining some kind of musical where you had this huge mouth, and the teeth would be like a ladder, and you would do a Fred Astaire dance using the teeth as steps up to the mouth.” Honestly that sounds fucking horrifying to me but whatever. Do you, B. “It’s also about looking at a little baby and thinking, ‘didn’t they get the design absolutely right?" One of the exhaustive/exhausting Medúlla theses I read skimmed over made an interesting observation regarding the breastfeeding theme: the breathing and lip-smacking in vocal takes is usually minimised or muted in final fixes, but in Mouth’s Cradle appear to be actively amplified, to highlight the physicality and intimacy of the act. Of course, this is Björk we’re talking about, so at the same time, this song also sees her exploring the dichotomy between racism and patriotism that emerged following 9/11.

    Another song featuring the genuine vocal talents of Tanya Tagaq, Rahzel and The Icelandic Choir, Mouth’s Cradle was premiered live in 2003 with long-time collaborator Leila Arab. Björk has said that the core song was completely improvised in one afternoon, recorded on a tape recorded in a forest – while she would normally rework the lyrics later after starting a song in this way, she decided to leave them in this case.

    There was talk of this song earlier in the thread, and there was a pretty divided opinion; there’s a lot going on in the song, and some people (myself included) find it a tad… messy, at times. I still love the song, consider it one of the best on Medúlla and believe it coulda survived a bit longer, but I just wish it was a bit more organised and clean, production-wise.

    constantino “appreciates all of the layers and elements in isolation," but feel that "together it feels a bit clumsy and messy”, while P’NutButter finds the song’s business to its own merit: “such a complex structure, the song feels like it loses itself but that's part of it's charm. I love the lyrics too.” “I don’t seek it out much, but I do enjoy it whenever it pops up”, says AllGagaLike; A$AP Robbie enjoys “the unexpected accapolitcalness” (Word of the Day, people); and One Stop Candy Shop claims that “might as well could’ve been a single. A love song with a political punch line seems like a very Pet Shop Boys things to do”. Collab please.

    A few more bonus cool points for ephemeralartery, as they reference my fave again. “This wouldn’t be out of place on a Final Fantasy game, and I suppose that’s why I love it.” Four for you, ephemeralartery. You go, ephemeralartery. “There are no words to describe this, but it's just good”, according to Push, “the endless layers of sounds to be found are masterfully compressed into these four minutes.” Looks like Ray’s distaste extends beyond Biophilia: “Listening to Medulla 12 years later is a painful experience and it amazes me because I remember absolutely loving all of it when it came out. Maybe it's because I spent all of 2004 being terribly depressed. I'm not going to get myself terribly depressed to rate Medulla higher”, but I can’t really argue with personal issues so I’ll let it slide. “See, this is gorgeous and actually takes me away to another world,” Can’t Speak French tells us, “or maybe I’m just tired.”

    Play us out, Zdarlight! “This song represents the best what she envisioned for her Medulla project. You've got it all here - female choir, throat singing, male beat makers and Björk's knack for truly unusual yet compelling melodies - but somehow it works.”

    A bonafide bop, teebs.
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  13. This is a major loss, y'all.
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  14. Apparently 'Mouth's Cradle' is one of Björk's personal favourite tracks. I think she herself has admitted the structure of the thing though is a bit fucked up... ha!

    and Dancer In The Dark is definitely a must-see film, but it will leave it's mark on you and you'll never want to watch it again.
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  15. No loss there.
  16. Third best song on Medulla. That's not saying much though.
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  17. Heathens and sinners.
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  18. Still going well for ya, then?
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  19. Aye, no. It's all dem heathens and sinners fucking up my flow.

    I'm really beginning to suspect @Baby Clyde doesn't even like Björk.
  20. I need a shelter to build an altar away from all you low voters.
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