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The Björk Rate: Complete.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Help me out here: What is everybody´s problem with The Modern Things?
    (That question in itself could be a Björk-lyric)
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  2. I consider myself a Bjork fan, but half of what has gone so far I hardly know - definitely a good decision not to vote, ignoramus that I am. Though I do now have 'Volta' which I'm liking...

    Intrigued to see which 'big hitters' will be left at the sharp end
  3. I personally find it a tad annoying and just not very good.
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  4. A lot of Björk music walks a fine line between profound and corny. The subject, and her growling on "dinosaur! AND PEOPLE!", probably tips it onto the wrong side of the line for a lot of people.
  5. A&E


    The Modern Things is fine, actually I remember when I listened to Post for the first time it was my favourite non-single. Now its novelty has worn off somewhat and it doesn't sound quite interesting enough to make me place it among my favourites. Still, I don't think I'd ever skip it when listening to the album. And yeah while it doesn't bother me much, it might be one of the examples of Bjork's early "so quirkyyy" tendencies (which is what the GP seems to think she's still like).
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  6. Hehe.
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  7. I love it.
  8. I also love The Modern Things. Don't know why people are expecting it out so soon before more tracks from Debut.
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  9. HIYA.

    This ruined my night.

    Let me return the favour.


    #55 – Pleasure Is All Mine (7.53)

    Highest: 10 x4 (@enjoy, @Kuhleezi, @A&E, @Psycho)
    Lowest: 2 x1 (@etienne)

    That distant sound you hear is our ancestors (and @A&E) screaming into the void as Medúlla’s opening track leaves us next, leaving only five songs remaining from the album.

    What’s that? You want more breast-feeding? A’ight then. With motherhood as a main theme of - and driver behind - the whole album, Pleasure Is All Mine sees Björk exploring how integral the act of breast-feeding is to her mothering experience. Obviously I can’t speak from experience, but apparently women can derive some form of pleasure from breast-feeding; the baby-like gasps juxtaposed with the sensual, adult sighs in the song are intended to reflect this.

    Pleasure Is All Mine was the first song Björk recorded with throat-singer Tanya Tagaq, and may even have been the first song recorded for Medúlla. Featuring a gong, it’s one of the only tracks on the album to use non-vocal instrumentation. If those male vocals towards the end of the song sound familiar, it may be because they come courtesy of Faith No More-founder Mike Patton, who also provided the voices for the zombies in I Am Legend and Left 4 Dead. How’s that for an obscure connection, @A&E? Let’s have a look see what Björk herself had to say about this song before checking in with our esteemed panel of judges:

    "When I wrote that song, it was the first time I left my little girl alone. I had to go to La Gomera, an island of the Canaries where I researched on the internet with an English studio. So I went with an engineer and my daughter (she was 14 months) but they left four days after me, so I could take some sort of decline. When you write a song, you're obsessed, you can not sleep without completing it, you must not put her to bed and be hyper attentive. For me this song is sensuality to enter a new bath, just you and the music, nothing else, just walking in the hills of La Gomera and then sing, sing and sing again, being obsessed with music."

    Lovely. But what does Ray think? “So it begins. Half of Medulla works, and half feels like being pretentious for no other reason than being pretentious. At least this is built like a song and not random bits of things thrown around.” Your Biophilia commentary teas, teebs. One Stop Candy Shop calls it “a nice album opener, nothing more, nothing less”, and Push seems inclined to agree: “the least spectacular of all Björk album openers ever. It's a nice track on its own, and I recognize it is a soft introduction to the album, but the end result is nothing too special.” Can’t Speak French is conflicted in their feelings on Medúlla, but at least they enjoy this song. “Now we’ve reached the point where things get weird! Welcome to US Dance/Electronic No. 1 album (I know) Medulla, where you can always (maybe not) appreciate what’s being done from a musical perspective, but can’t always find the tune. That being said, Pleasure Is All Mine isn’t that bad. When the male choir kicks in it all feels quite Gothic and foreboding.”

    “When in doubt… give” P’NutButter quotes, “as a versatile person this is so true.” *EYES EMOJI* Li’l constantino is a bit scared, poor thing, saying “the creepy breathing bit is a bit…unnerving, but her vocals are lovely on this track otherwise.” Awww. “Peculiar but I like it”, says AllGagaLike, “really sets the scene for the album.” Zdarlight suggests that “even though the intro lasts forever and the track ends at the 3.27 minute mark already, it still feels very complete”, saying they “couldn't think of a better intro to this very special album.” We’ll finish with Up Down Suite, cause I get the faint impression that they rather like it: “YOU GUYS. THE WAY THIS SOUNDS ON A PROPER AUDIO SYSTEM. FUCK. I’m giving this a 8 just because FUCK the layering is out of this world.”

    Here's a nice wee video from the Medúlla "making of" film:

  10. A&E


    Fuq y'all, teeb. When in doubt, give Medulla a 10. That song is just so lush, it feels like slipping into a warm cozy bed.
  11. I think I was getting high off my Yankee candles at this point...

    Bloody love the song so much though!
  12. Well at least it wasn't another of my 10s.
  13. Thanks for your thoughts re The Modern Things.
    As a foreign language speaker I tend to have a very ambivalent relationship with "quirky Björky" on one side, and her serious (tm) stuff on the other. I am extremely suspicious of artists who "cultivate" their accent as a "shtick"...and Björk has worked really hard on it ("Birthday" is now 29 years old! Time to work on your pronunciation, woman!)

    Both of her her extreme sides drive me bonkers at times. But I respect her most for her ability to make me stop in my tracks when she serves pure genius "on the fly", opposed to her joyless `high concept´-work (post Verpertine)
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  14. I like The Modern Things, but it is quite....wacky, even by Björk's standards. I can see why people dislike it, if you know what I mean.
  15. Something something Tragic.gif something something real mess realness.

    It'll never happen, but it would be so satisfying if something from the "pretentious" "lifeless" second half of her career unexpectedly took the crown.
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  16. Everything's coming up clockwork!



    #54 – Cvalda (7.60)

    Highest: 10 x5 (@Remorque, @ohnostalgia, @Ray, @Andy French, @vikeyeol)
    Lowest: 4.5 x1 (@One Stop Candy Shop)

    Poor Selma. And poor me. Selmasongs write-ups are particularly difficult cause there isn’t much in the way of background information and semi-interesting anecdotes and I don’t want to spoil the film etc., so this one will be short and sweet, friends.

    The first proper musical number in Dancer In The Dark, Cvalda drags us swinging, kicking, and screaming into Selma’s eccentric, theatrical dreamworld. “Cvalda” is Selma’s affectionate nickname for her best friend Kathy, and the itself translates into Czech as “big” or “happy”, which pretty much describes the song perfectly. Catherine Deneuve, who plays Kathy in the film, shows off her vocal chops on the track, which is cool ‘cause she’s amazing but also a bit eh ‘cause her verse isn’t quite as fantastic as it oughtta be. I do love how the song incorporates all the factory machines and industrial noises, though – Selma literally lives for music, so much so that she physically can’t make it through the work day without finding music in every little thing. I always knew this was coming, but cue several of y’all bringing up the Winona Ryder parody!

    AllGagaLike “can no longer listen to this without thinking of that Winona Ryder parody sketch.” Yup. “Winona Ryder ruined this for me a little bit. But I still love it.” P’NutButter echoes. And Can’t Speak French. “CLATTER CRASH BANG this is literally the Winona Ryder impression but it sounds so good and also CATHERINE DENEUVE icon tbh. I am ready to lipsync for my life.” I still haven’t watched that sketch teebs, I refuse.

    “It works in the movie, but on its own this song is just a noisy mess,” our lowest scorer One Stop Candy Shop complains, “and those Catherine Deneuve vocals are just. not. good.” NecessaryVoodoo agrees, stating that they’re “not convinced by queen of French pop Catherine Deneuve's vocals in this one.” Yeah, they’re… not great. Sorry Cvalda henny. Up Down Suite suggests that this “wouldn’t sound out of place among It’s Oh So Quiet and I Miss You,” admitting to not having seen the film, but calling the song “cinematic and theatrical”. constantino uses the other C-word too, saying “this track is incredible, it’s so dynamic and so fresh. It’s very cinematic, which makes sense considering it’s part of a soundtrack.” Push, meanwhile, loves a wee bit of Kathy: “without a doubt, this is the most typically Björk song in Selmasongs. Explosive, built off mechanic sounds and with a few hints of Post here and there, Cvalda is quite well accomplished. Deneuve sounds lovely in this one”; as does A$AP Robbie! “I love the balance of the MGM musical number and the noise of the mundane, I love Catherine Deneuve.” A great actress does not a good singer make, m’fraid. strangekin? “A bop.” Thanks.

    We’re gonna finish up with Ray again, but this time because he actually had loads of nice things to say. Progress! “Maybe you have to see the movie to appreciate how incredible this is with all the factory sounds used to create the backing track. Dancer In The Dark is probably the weirdest musical I have ever seen, even though it adheres to all the rules a musical must follow (heroine goes through a journey from beginning to end, and someone dies at the end). This is a bit like "It's Oh So Quiet" that somehow works fabulously. Shrieks here are completely necessary. What a joy to listen to. *adds it to Introduction To Björk playlist*”

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    ohnostalgia Staff Member

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  18. I am deeply unsettled and disturbed by two of tomorrow's eliminations, one of which will be my first 10 to leave.

    But on the plus side, we'll find out our Top 50! Yas, slay, etc.
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  19. I am dancing on 'Cvalda''s grave.
  20. Ray


    I am crying on "Cvalda"'s grave.

    At least watch the YouTube clip posted, peasants.
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