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The Björk Rate: Complete.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Did anyone find Dancer In The Dark painful to watch?

    I mean, not in the expected and obvious ways, but for trying to understand the dialogue in any scene with Bjork and Catherine Deneuve together? The whole movie (like most of Von Trier's output) plays like a who's who of indecipherable European accents. Chuck in the eternally confusing Peter Stormare and Udo Kier and you've got yourself quite a mess there.

    The whole movie is a complete struggle with the volume control - one moment you're turning it up to hear what everyone's banging on about and then all of a sudden it's CLATTER CLASH CLACK when the musical bits spring to life and it's time for volume down.

    Don't get me wrong, I love it regardless.
  2. You may throw me off the thread/forum/planet after this:
    The secret in watching Dancer In The Dark is to view it as a twisted, black comedy. Nothing in it is to be taken at face value. If you view it with this mental switch, you may find yourself laughing -not with it, but at it- all the way to the end. That doesn´t mean that I like it though.
  3. It works in the context of the film perfectly, but on it's own it's flawed.
  4. FINALLY. I mean it's fine but it should've gone a while ago.
  5. Ugh, sorry y'all. Yesterday truly kicked my ass. I'll do extra over the weekend to make up for it!

    Any guesses for what will leave us before the Top 50?
  6. All the bad stuff has gone.
    I think All Neon Like and Crystalline are my lowest scores left so they can go next.
  7. Black Lake and History of Touches please.
  8. To make the top 5, yes please!
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  9. Ray


    I love "History Of Touches" but something would have to go really, really wrong if it was top 5.
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  10. I must check this rate around 5 times a day for updates - well done, Animalia, you are providing both excitement and education (for me, anyway).

    Just counted and I gave 17 x 10s (including my, erm, 11), with only one having fallen so far (goodbye, In The Musicals - though I must confess that my love for it definitely includes the heartbreaking context of its Dancer In The Dark appearance).

    It seems that my lowest score remaining is 5 Years, so hoping that gets shunted before we reach the Top 20.

    And what the hell could be Number 1??? With these insane averages, I'm guessing that the votes of @Baby Clyde will dictate the Top 10...
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  11. Who knew I wielded such power?
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  12. I'll just go ahead and cancel the rate now, yeah?


    #53 – History of Touches (7.65)

    Highest: 10 x7 (@dodoriazarbon, @Andy French, @NightmareBoy, @Can't Speak French, @Psycho, @vikeyeol, @A&E)
    Lowest: 2 x1 (@Baby Clyde)

    Oh dear. Vulnicura loses another track, leaving only the three big-hitter promo singles remaining, and bloody hell this is a disaster. Like, how? How has History of Touches been left to gather dust in the fifty-somethings while some obviously less-deserving tracks leer down upon this masterpiece from above? IT AIN’T RIGHT.

    Written three months before the breakup, History of Touches is the last song we hear before the devastation of Black Lake – it’s a brief moment of peace and acceptance before the inevitable calamity. This is Björk lying in bed with her partner, knowing the relationship is doomed, yet reminiscing lovingly over every single moment they spent together. Björk has differentiated this song from Possibly Maybe, saying that while the latter is a chronological catalogue of events over a set time period, History of Touches is more the entire emotional archive the couple have gathered and shared together, all coming together in one song.

    Personally, I think this is where Arca’s production really shines the most. History of Touches in itself isn’t as immediately harrowing as the rest of the album; it’s a mournful celebration of the dying relationship, rather than a devastating post-mortem. For this reason, the gorgeous, glittery production fits it perfectly, and ultimately differentiates it from the rest of the album to come even further, heightening its emotional power. It feels a tad lame and childish to talk about swear words (oooooooooh), but goddamn if that every single fuuuuuuuuuuuck line isn’t one of the most powerful moments in Björk’s entire discography. Am I right in saying that it’s the first time she’s used the word since Alarm Call? I mean, the lady’s no stranger to swearing in interviews etc., but she uses it so rarely in her actual music that when she does it really hits hard - and the way she sings it so softly and calmly here, it’s just to unexpected and powerful, ugh. This feels so wrong. I shouldn’t be having to write this yet.

    “I know people hate this for some reason” WELL IT’S NEWS TO ME, RAY, “but I love it. Those synths remind me of something a lot but I can't place my finger on what exactly, hopefully others' comments will give me a hint.” Doesn’t look like they will, m’fraid! One Stop Candy Shop claims that “there’s nothing wrong with it, but it isn’t that memorable either”, which is obviously very wrong, and ephemeralartery says it’s “worth it all for the ‘every single fuck’ line”, which seems to imply that the rest of the song isn’t equally as amazing, so they’re also very wrong. Echoing the praise of that line: “every single fuck Christ it's just too much! *weeps*” cries P’NutButter, whose name I keep typing as P’ButNutter which has nothing little to do with this song but thought you’d all like to know regardless.

    History of Touches is like “the antithesis of Cocoon”, AllGagaLike astutely notes, “where that song expresses content and intimacy, this song exposes fear and grief, even though the relationship hasn't quite died yet (enter Black Lake).” Lord’t I’m not looking forward to writing up Black Lake. Up Down Suite loves “the synths and especially the title”, calling it a “clever way to name a song about a relationship”. constantino’s here for it: “I love the haunting production; the samples work perfectly to create intensity. It sounds like something you’d hear from Tim Hecker or Haxan Cloak, who happen to be two of my favorite producers. The length works perfectly too.” Y’know the entire album was mixed by The Haxan Cloak, right sis? “And now we shrink back to nocturnal intimacy,” Can’t Speak French notes, “I got major Vespertine feels from this on the first listen and obviously I loved the shit out of it, but this is far far far far (x infinity) sadder than anything on Vespertine.” The sound and themes are indeed very Vespertine-esque, which obviously just makes it more amazing. “This production does things to me.” Push cries, before going off on a rather unexpected tangent, “It's something you'd expect in the soundtrack to a film about the obscure facet of Catholicism. I always envision this dark music video with Björk, her hair as in the Isobel video, singing in a church during the night, staring into the camera, with a lot of angles focusing on the vitrals. Not that this matters, but it's all to say this is amazing, not as much as Stonemilker, however.”

    We’ll end with NightmareBoy, who apparently managed to dodge a bullet… “I almost gave my 11 to that one: a sonic masterpiece. The music is such an heartbreaking echo to the lyrics. It sounds like a flickering light trying to break through the fog, or like the last remains of love slowly disappearing. Heartbreaking.” This elimination is heartbreaking. I’m weeping for all of y’all’s bad taste. Another angel dead.

  13. A&E


    NOOOO!!! Heartless, how could you be so heartless etc. My favourite from Vulnicura by far.

    This remix amps up the track well without disturbing the intimacy:
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  14. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I'm completely fine with Vulnircura leaving track by track. What a chore that was.
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  15. Yes! Krampfhaft's is by far my favourite of the official remixes. I only went with the unofficial Ridu one 'cause people might not have heard it before and I've been properly obsessed with their mixes since @P'NutButter started posting them.
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  16. I really liked this one. Cover Me and All Neon Like should gently fuck off at some point, though.
  17. Cover Me is long gone, #76!
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  18. A&E


    Hoping for 5 Years to take one of the remaining two spots outside the top 50.
  19. What? How?

    This is my first real loss, honestly. It perfectly expresses the dark flipside of the Vespertine feeling, the intimate moment where you feel more distant from the other person than you ever have before.
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  20. We have another tie next, with only one 10 separating them!

    Oh and RE: @Baby Clyde's rate villain power, there were a few people who scored pretty much everything post-2000 very harshly; I did consider questioning them, but in all fairness the vast majority of songs we've lost already were all at similar positions before their scores anyway. Baby Clyde is coming up as the lowest scorer a lot, but y'all should know there has almost always been other scores only half a point or so higher.

    Basically, I have checked and those scorers shuffled the bottom half of the leaderboard around a bit, but any major upsets aren't due to them entirely. You all made this bed. Now you gotta lie in it.
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