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The Björk Rate: Complete.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Mar 7, 2016.

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    As someone who was also betrayed by her voters, I feel for you @Animalia. At least I know I didn't contribute to your pain.
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  2. Your Top 50 Björk songs, ladies & gentlemen!

    Human Behaviour
    Venus As A Boy
    There's More To Life Than This
    Big Time Sensuality
    One Day
    Come To Me
    Violently Happy
    Play Dead

    Army of Me
    The Modern Things
    Possibly Maybe
    I Miss You

    All Neon Like
    5 Years
    Alarm Call
    All Is Full Of Love

    I've Seen It All
    New World

    Hidden Place
    It's Not Up To You
    Pagan Poetry

    Where Is The Line
    Who Is It
    Desired Constellation
    Triumph of a Heart

    Earth Intruders
    Declare Independence

    Mutual Core

    Lion Song
    Black Lake

    It's In Our Hands
  3. In fairness to Medulla and Volta era's; Queen of picking the right songs as singles/video treatments if the remaining songs are anything to go by. Not quite as up herself as certain elements would have you believe.
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  4. I thought there was a lot more love for Harm of Will. Poor it! That artwork is lovely, though.

    That's a stellar Top 50 (but Moon and It's Oh So Quiet should still be here).
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  5. Not too sad about Harm of Will... but History of Touches? REALLY?
  6. A&E



    We're pretty much halfway through and "the proper good stuff" is still to come? Why put yourself through listening and rating it all then.
  7. Harmony Korine makes REALLY shit films. Apparently he writes really shit songs as well.

    Is she just making this 'tune' up as she goes along? Good grief. So tedious.

    All of the good stuff is still in, including all of my 10's and 11. I did surprisingly lose a 9 earlier but seeing as the majority of the Top 50 is made up of the first 5 albums it would seem my scoring is pretty much in sync with everyone else.
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  8. Ray


    I like this top 50 very much. Let's just clean up "Mutual Core".
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  9. Because when Björk is good she's very good and she has several songs I absolutely love. Some of what's gone already I like and some of it I didn't. Most of what is left is the stuff I love. That's why. If we all loved every song these rates would be boring as it'd be 10s all round.
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  10. Crying
    Big Time Sensuality
    Play Dead
    The Modern Things
    I've Seen It All
    Declare Independence
    It's In Our Hands

    - these to go next please, in whatever order. (I'll bet they don't though).
  11. INTO THE TOP 50 WE GO.


    #50 – Innocence (7.71)

    Highest: 10 x8 (@Kuhleezi, @constantino, @Adzie, @Ray, @Up Down Suite, @Andy French, @vikeyeol, @clockworknovak)
    Lowest 0 x1 (@enjoy)

    Our first dip into the Top 50 sees Volta losing its 2nd single. Released July 23rd 2007, Innocence was Björk’s 24th single overall, and only her third to fail to chart in the UK completely, after Oceania and Jóga (!?!?!?). Fans seem to think this was due to the lack of a physical release, but I think we all know better than that, teebs. It did chart at #9 in Italy and #16 in Greece though, so that’s something at least.

    Innocence was co-written and –produced by Timbaland (of Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, etc. fame) and Danja (responsible for Britney’s Blackout album, Ciara’s “Work” and M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls). What kind of dream team? Why did we only get two songs out of them!? WHY!? Exploring Björk’s conquering of fear of the unknown and her willingness to push and break boundaries, it was originally intended to be the third single from the album, but was pushed forward after promotional commitments meant the Declare Independence video shoot was delayed. The video for Innocence was created via everyone’s favourite cop-out – a fan contest. There was some controversy and bad feeling amongst the community when the deadline was brought forward a month after the single order was changed, but really it was their own fault for leaving it ‘til the last minute now wasn’t it? (A me tea.) The winners of the contest were French duo Fred & Annebelle, with whom Björk collaborated to come up with the final product you can watch below if you so desire.

    Alas, the “where da bops tho” crew failed to come through for poor Volta. This song goes awf a bit, no? It’s suitably insane, of course; my sister affectionately termed it “that vomit song” growing up, thanks to that weird repeated growly choking noise that I have no idea how to describe other than likening it to a cat coughing up a furball. I mean that in a loving way though. It’s always been one of my favourite songs on Volta, and it’s a wee shame to see it bow out at this point but to be fair, almost everything we have left now ranges from fucking amazing to absolute sonic perfection so I can’t be too mad. Y’all?

    “Yaaaaas,” Ray wails, “take this Timbaland beat, cut it into pieces, fuck it up royally, put it back together and sing a fantastic melody on top. I recommend the Simian Mobile Disco mixes as well. The chorus is MAJESTIC. I wish she'd rediscover this side of herself for the next album, now greatly enjoyed with courage (available at all ALDI stores…)” O…kay? Living for the Aldi shout-out though, queen of bargain supermarkets. AllGagaLike duly notes that Innocence is “catchy as hell”, while ephemeralartery can only stop dancing long enough to offer up “This bop!”. They ain’t wrong though. One Stop Candy Shop doesn’t get it though, calling it “a rather exhausting song”, and Zdarlight apparently agrees, saying “I feel that I should like it more than I do, but it gets on my nerves very quickly.” Their loss, teebs.

    Can’t Speak French dubs this a “lowkey bop”, saying “this is very clearly Timbaland, you can really hear it here. In another universe this is a US Dance Club Play #1 with a Missy Elliott feature. In another universe this album was Bjork’s Blackout/Loose/FutureSexLoveSounds.” IMAGINE *ATRL_crying_sponge_thing.jpg*. Push calls Innocence “one of the poppier, more animated songs here”, while P’NutButter is unfortunately correct when proclaiming it an “underrated pop track,” appreciating that “it doesn't pretend to be a masterpiece it's just a great song.” “What a fucking intro!” constantino roars, “those laser beam synths are so confrontational and amazing. The production is immaculate, batshit and wonderful.” Immaculate, batshit, wonderful, and gone too soon. Up Down Suite’s gonna finish us off this time, demonstrating effective use of the forum’s own personal brand of hyperbole: “BOP BOP BOP BOP. I want to lose my bussy down on the dancefloor to this, the best Bjork 00s jam. The similarities to Britney’s Blackout (from the Danja contribution, clearly) make me like this even more. It’s not often Bjork does conventional pop songs, but when she does them.... boy, they’re next level slutdrop anthems. Make me sweat, queen.”

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  13. You all wrong on this. Should have been here for ages yet.
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  14. We have another tie up next... and we lose our first 11. Pray for yoselves.
  15. Oh my.
  16. This rate is going excellently for me, I won't lie.
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  17. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I had a feeling it would go. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this, while not exactly groundbreaking cuts, the Timbo/Danja sessions gave us some good old bops. ALMOST my 11.
  18. I'm loving how well Debut is doing *prays I haven't jinxed things*
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  19. Good grief.
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  20. Those OOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH's never fail to end my life. Her voice throughout Volta is almost unbelievable.
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