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The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by fancygreen, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. Welcome. In honour of the only YouTube series that matters, I would like to have a thread devoted to the following Olympians of the kitchen:

    Queen Carla.








    Molly or whatever.

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  2. After a long day there's nothing more relaxing to me than watching a random video of Carla cooking something delicious. My queen.
    Oh my GOD.
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  3. Yes, please.
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  4. Dying at Tiffany's "French scramble".

    Carla: "It's a real rags-to-riches story."
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  5. This one is my favorite episode:
  6. I just saw this the other day. Gaby is feeling her oats and then some.
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  7. I made the actual recipe Katy posted when Bon Bopetit was released!
    It was delicious.
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  8. Cooking with Dad
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  9. We can't leave out (zaddy) Rick! Gone from the Test Kitchen, but never forgotten. (He shows up on my Scruff grid by my office every day and I ddddddddd)

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  10. Sometimes I wonder if they are all friends with the people from Everyday Food, since they are both based in NY and have a somewhat similar concept. I love Sarah Carey.
  11. I'm fascinated by Claire trying to recreate the unhealthy snacks. The one where she did Reese's cups... I was exasperated.
  12. So was she!
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  13. A friend from high school works at Conde Nast and always sends me stalker snapchats of Claire and Brad in the elevator or in the halls. I die on the inside.

    Claire and Brad are my faves. Andy is a tasty little snack and Molly is underrated.

    Honestly, I'd probably go straight for Claire.
  14. Ah! Of course! Added him into the main canon above.

  15. Can we talk about how iconic it is that Carla & Molly scammed themselves a cute weekend in actual Italy to find out how mozzarella was made, while the others had to make do with a mooch around Little Italy for the recent series about making the perfect pizza?

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  16. Claire having to do all the heavy lifting on their group project with Brad struggling along, as Priya's like "I'm just gonna make some pizza on some roti. byeee."
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  17. I’m dead at the image for Molly. I’ll stan Carla, Claire and Brad though. The ASMR video they all made was really enjoyable (first one of those I’ve experienced). Gaby, Andy and Chris are great too. Molly is just so boring. The fact that her favorite dish is Caesar salad and she has that written on her custom sneakers... also, is Rick just... gone? He is.
  18. Not going to lie, I had an inappropriate dream about Brad recently and I woke up feeling confused. That being said, I stan all of them EXCEPT Molly. Also I find it hilarious that Claire doesn't follow her on instagram for some reason.
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