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the bop sesh - a pop music podcast

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by allyshone, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. thought i'd create a post for this instead of bombarding the podcasts thread. yes, i want more listeners but more importantly i want feedback. me and my best friend started it last month and are having a blast talking about the shit we care about aka the pop girls... but we're still a little rough around the edges. also, i'm happy to take any ideas for any episodes that y'all might be interested in - currently we have 4 episodes, the latest being a special about girlbands, which was our fave episode yet. so please give us a listen and follow our instagram.

    peace and love... and don't drag my opinions too much x


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  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I love you.
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  3. I love podcasts so I'm totally going to listen!
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  4. Did a 'the fame monster' deep dive episode for those interested...

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  5. I gave this a listen (Superbowl episode) and I enjoyed it!! Love the banter between the hosts, the content is great so bravo!
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  6. Same for me. I really enjoyed this! It's kinda... refreshing to hear one of us banter about the music we here as a collective actually love and adore without having choice opinions.
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  7. Thanks for the positive feedback guys, it's much appreciated! The main thing we want is people to have fun listening to it because it's so much fucking fun recording it haha!

    Latest one is a Britney vs Xtina episode.

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