The Boulet Brothers' Dragula (S5)

Haha, I liked it and what really stuck out were those unretouched close-ups in 1080p were you could see the stubble creeping out of the caked on foundation.
This started.

Wait at some parts being fairly decent, budget-wise for reality TV standards, then some being like high school home video. Entertaining ish. What was that Elimination challenge though...also why was she eliminated what's going on I'm confused

The Boulet Bros have no personality as hosts.

This was really entertaining. I love Horror and Drag so perfect for me and Darren Stein as a guest judge, amazing. They really needed to show the girls names though, haven't gotten arround to discern them from each other. I thought Vander's Witch was brilliant and I like all the girls crunchiness and charisma. Shame next episode is two weeks away.
That was my kind of runway. They all looked amazing and brought some unique and interesting interpretations of "Witch".
I may be biased because I always thought my would-be drag character would be a witch

Xochi, Frankie, Foxie and Vander had my favourite looks.

The reaction towards Melissa at the beginning... I'm guessing she's a known queen?
Not bad actually and some of the production looked great. The judging bit was a bit amateur but great effort. I think a lot of them are new enough and Melissa has been doing it a few years so that was probably the reason for the reaction.
I love it. Dragula feels very much in the spirit of Drag Race Season 1. These are my sort of drag queens and I'd love to see them in front of Ru. Yes there's no budget but fuck it - drag has become too polished and slick.

Melissa strikes me as a Violet mark II.