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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. I lurrrrveee this show it's ridiculous & low-rent as balls but the standard is so high. I echo the Vander love, last week's witch was one of my favourite drag looks I've seen across this & Drag Race as a whole. Just perfection. It's against the show's mantra but I do wish all this talent had a budget and viewing platform to match it.
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  2. Vander is a star in the making. Her makeup skills transcend that of a large number of Drag Race girls, and the fact that she's a baby queen is unbelievable.

    Xochi and Frankie are my next favourites; they truly embody monster drag.
    Foxie is an interesting one, she delivered tonight in the weirdest way possible.

    Loris has lots of potential, but I think she needs more time to grow... There's something about her that reads a bit Laila McQueen to me.
    For a polished queen, I'm not really that impressed with Melissa. Her look this week was so basic.
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  3. The Boulet Brothers were reading Melissa for looking too comic-book villain last week and then she comes out looking like Catwoman? Girl, no. She killed it during the extermination though.

    Meatball was giving me Hulk Hogan realness, I would've given her the win for looking the most authentic.
    When Foxy came out I had to do a double-take, hilarious performance. Kudos.
    I also agreed with Magnus Hastings that Loris looked better with the surgical mask on. The guest judges on here are so much better than those on Drag-Race.

    I am a bit sad Ursula left us so soon, but her death scene was inspired.
  4. "Shut up shut up shut up!"

    I love it.
  5. I don't like Melissa at all.

    This is so much better than I'd even hoped it would be. There's so much talent on show, and it's such a joy to watch. I love that each extermination scene is like a mini horror film. I also enjoy how the edit makes it look like the Queens and the Boulet Brothers are never in the same place at the same time.

    Why is the next episode so far away?!
  6. Can Squeaky Blonde or Fade Dra Phey be guest judges, please?
  7. Why is Melissa there? She's given me low-rent Alexis Mateo two weeks in a row. Not welcome on Drag Race and certainly not in Dragula. She's offered precisely nothing scary.
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  8. Magnus Hastings is dad
  9. Think Xochi should have gone, her outfit had nothing to do with wrestling and she was beaten so comfrotably by Melissa it was embarrassing to watch.
  10. I get the sense they aren't in the same room together.

    I honestly thought Xochi would go, but I'm glad she didn't. There's so much talent there to show and with luck this gives her a boot up the arse...apart from the one Melissa delivered when they were fighting!
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  11. There's an array of talent on show here, but I can't get over how shit the production is. I'm totally cool with a lo-fi aesthetic/vibe, but can they at least wear microphones?

    I could see some of these queens cross over to Drag Race. I don't think we'll ever see an Ursula on Drag Race, but I could see someone like Vander doing well.

    Also, Magnus Hastings. Zad.
  12. Ursula would be roasted alive for being a bearded queen *Insert gif of Michelle telling Max not to change but... To change here*
    It's the same with Hellvetika; she's a beautiful queen, but because she wears a beard, she would be slaughtered.

    Xochi would be like a baby Acid Betty; amazing looks, but might be too out there for some of the fans.
    Frankie would be too punk rock sorry Adore for drag race.

    Melissa might do well... I mean, look how far Alexis got.
    Loris would probably be an early elimination.
    Foxie and Pinche... I'm not sure how they'd do.
    Meatball wouldn't win, but she'd go home as Miss Congeniality.

    Vander would do superbly well, her looks are well-thought out, her makeup skills pay attention to every little detail, she has a fantastic eye for her look... If Violet had any star quality, she would be Vander Von GAWWWWWD.
    Her first look, I mean, come on!!!
    I don't like pink, but this look is stellar!
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  13. Best episode yet, really needed a guest judge to challenge the BB's comments though, or at least provide a different dynamic. The right queen went but I loved Loris' look and think she should have been safe. Reckon Vander's probably going to win now.
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  14. Vander and Frankie really are the front runners for me, with Xochi close behind.

    Loris is a queen with a lot of potential and with a couple more years, she could be a star.
  15. I don't love Xochi as much as most people. She's come somewhere in the middle every week for me.
  16. Based on her wicked witch look, she is capable of being brilliant, but like the BB's said, she needs to stop holding back... Let the Killer Klown from Outer Space out.

    Also, applause to Vander for not turning down the extra challenge... Give her the crown.
  17. I happen to think Vander's a genius.
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  18. Help, each time I go to load the episode it only plays 30 seconds of it. What am I missing? (Other than the episode)
  19. It's not just you, there seems to be a glitch on YouTube
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