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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. This is how you do a cast reveal, wow.
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  2. I'm so here for Dragula. I think Evah might do well, but that clown drag is a bit dated now.
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  3. I've watched this about thirty times already.

    Evah, Landon, and Maddelyn are all incredible and talented legends, so I'm very happy to see them!
    I doubt we'll see much of Evah's clown look, given she's such a versatile queen. But that being said; the makeup is so... Precise, I could stare at it all day.

    I've heard of Priscilla, but never checked her out.

    Yovska is such a unique character, I've been following him on Insta for a while, and he's just so fascinating. Disasterina teas.

    Hollow Eve looks fucking terrifying.
    With her and Landon, Dragula 3 is the first drag season to feature a "Bio Queen" and Drag King. Fucking work!

    I'm going to be checking out Maxi Glamour, her beat in the video is amazing!

    I've seen Dollya perform courtesy of friends watching her shows. Victoria left big shoes to fill for the Haus of Black, but I think Dollya can step up to the plate.

    I haven't heard of St. Lucia, so she's new research for me.
    Violencia seems like a Meatball-esque character: Funny-horror. Is she Dax's daughter/sister?

    Louisianna... I've scoped her out before, and I wasn't that impressed, so I'm intrigued to see if she's been hiding some things, or if the Boulet's realised they made such a fierce cast, they needed an easy first-out.
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  4. Louisianna is SO out of her depth omg

    Yovska is the one i'm most interested to see.
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  5. I love her name so I kinda hope Louisianna pulls a fast one on us like Bitqch did last season.
  6. Honestly, Yovska's instagram is utter colourful nightmare fuel, I'm very excited.

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  7. I'm so excited for this season minus St Lucia who I knew IRL who broke my heart and then blocked me on all social media. She's got an awesome look but barely ever performs. And her IG got hacked and deleted a couple years ago and so she barely even has any IG followers. I'm curious to see how she does but I also don't want her to be on long because I am still hurt by what happened between us personally.

    I feel like there's so many front runners here, It could be anyones game. Honestly Dragula is fucking difficult. You have to be an awesome drag queen but also, the show is essentially part Fear Factor and that is just not something everyone can handle and I imagine the Boulets are going to pull out the big guns this year with the extermination challenges.
  8. Do elaborate!
  9. Was it you?
  10. Our reigning monster meets the ghouls!
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  11. I think no matter what Yovska is gonna be one of the season's stars.

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  12. I’m interested to see what Yovska pulls out when the Boulet Bros ask for sex and glamour.
  13. Has nothing to do with drag really, but. We talked online for like 5 years or so, he lives in Atlanta but has family in Michigan which is like an hour or two from me so last summer he came and stayed with me for a few days. It was cute, Thought we might end up forming a relationship. But I knew he was signing up for Drag Race and Dragula. He had told me he got accepted for both but was going to go with Drag Race. So he went home, said he was going to be filming, and like 3 weeks later messaged me a photo of him and some boy and was like "I have a boyfriend now" and blocked me. Season 11 aired and he wasn't on it so I assumed he lied. But it looks like he was on Dragula instead.

    He's got a great drag look but i'm upset that I am going to have to see him talked about everywhere and tagged on shit that just brings me to blocked links.

    No, I think it was his ex? They had a rocky relationship. Drag Race was actually trying to cast them both together on the same season since they both do drag. That would've been wild. And also so not what he wanted to get on Drag Race to deal with.
  14. YOVKSA is the stuff of fucking nightmares. Imagine seeing that at night right outside your window.

  15. Evah Destruction
    Hollow Eve
    Landon Cider
    Maddelynn Hatter

    This is like Christmas but for fags with trauma

  16. I haven't watched season one and will do so now because I just fucking saw THIS?

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  17. Vander is one of the best drag queens in the biz. Wildly inventive with Violet Chachki dedication to her craft. Sasha Velour has consistently booked her, bringing her to wider audiences. Thank goodness.
  18. I agree with the Violet comparison. I need to see this queen live.

    She's fucking amazing. She deserves a spot on Drag Race for more exposure and I have no doubt she'll be able to win it by toning down some of her looks and bring it up when the challenge is appropriate.

    She deserves everythinggggg.
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  19. Vander is breathtaking.

    I still remember her performance for Over The Rainbow and tears come to my eyes.

    @Gemini sorry to hear you had a bad time. Hopefully that won’t hinder your enjoyment of the season!
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  20. I'm in the midst of season 1 right now and LORIS proclaiming and giving an entire monologue about being vegan and almost sitting on that goddamn table while the other two was going at it - MADE ME HOWL.


    This season is way better than season 2 in terms of cast and personalities? The entire drama surrounding James, Abhora and the other girls were so mindnumbingly annoying that I almost zone out on the Boudoir segments on season 2. I think while the ghouls on that season had better lewks, they just didn't have the personality.
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