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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Someone get Victoria working in movies.

  2. Her looks are so amazing. She's kind of underrated. Well, She made it to the end of Dragula but was pretty much no one's pick to win except for me I feel like.
  3. The production for season 3 looks so polished! Come through, budget! Season 2 was a huge step up from season 1, but I still found the sound during confessionals shoddy.
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  4. I know we didn't care for Louisianna's promo look, but I finally know why we didn't see a full length of St. Lucia in the promo. It's a... Boot.

    Victoria's a tricky one; from a talent point of view, she is a monster through and through. But her muted personality almost dulled her shine. I know Vander was a quiet storm as well, but Vander exuded a stardom that I don't think Victoria did.

    Having an absolute joy that is Biqtch's personality as an opponent would've worked against her too.
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  5. Biqtch was always talented, for sure, but the fact that she went from being hated by everyone in episode 2 to oozing winner potential by the end ... it was very satisfying to watch.
  6. I still do not understand any of the little storylines going on in Season 2. I could not tell you why people hated other people... It was all sort of just thrown at us and made very little sense. At least Drag Race storylines that stuff to make sense to the viewer. I could not keep up. I hope Season 3 gets that better, if they have drama like that. (Which I also don't think is necessary to make a quality drag show.)
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  7. Its largely to do with non-linear filming. I don't know the timeframes for filming, but in terms of explaining; They would film over the weekend, and use the weeks to go back home and prepare their looks. As a result, the gaps in filming allow for things to occur that the cameras don't catch. Like the mishegoss of Kendra not rehearsing with her team during Shock Rock week.
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  8. I preferred Season 2 of Dragula to the last five seasons of Drag Race. The only thing that let it down was that weird Wasteland two-parter, but at least we got to see Vander Von Odd in the desert.
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  9. Abhora will win Dragula All Stars (if there ever is one), I HOPE.
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  10. I love my top two
    *Caution!* Yovska's performance may cause lifelong insomnia

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  11. I'll watch this tonight. Dragula shouldn't be watched during the day.
  12. Will they put this on YouTube for free? A girl needs to know.
  13. The budget increase on the confessionals alone; I’m so ready for this season!

    The boudoir already having tensions rising is a kii.
    Dollya seems like she’ll push a few buttons over the season.
    The floor show; Supervillains

    The Boulet’s look absolutely fantastic; they look like Lampent turning into a cenobite.

    Yovska: Power Rangers nightmare demon from a German Impressionist film.
    St. Lucia: Actually turning a really cool look; Almost like a candlestick came to life in a haunted house.
    Evah: Umbrakinetic sorceress sister to Maleficent. She looks like she could kill with the wave of a hand.
    Maddelynn: Poison Ivy snapped!
    Violencia: Looked a bit more like a superhero. Meat concept aside, it was very clean, with the colgate-striped boots… To boot.
    Priscilla: This could be an existing Mortal Kombat character and I’m actually here for it.
    Louisianna: I know she pulls her looks from a specific era, but this could’ve been much better. There’s a ’40’s villainy, but maybe from a detective comic rather than a superhero comic.
    Maxi: It’s teetering a bit closely to James’ alien look from last season. I’m not sure about the mix of cyborg and lace… I like juxtaposition, but not this jarring.
    Dollya: This could be the villain of the sequel to Catherine. If this was a Final Fantasy summon, I’d summon her alongside Queen Shiva, and do a twin snap of fire and ice.
    Landon: Tyrannical ruler of an undersea kingdom?
    Hollow: The look was safe, but playing a game of Cat’s Cradle with your face is brilliant and demented.

    That extermination challenge was hard to watch, I understand how scary facing fears can be, so I feel kind of bad for Violencia not being able to do it, but mad props to Maxi for going through with it!

    The exterminations, maybe. But I doubt the whole show
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  14. Apparently not!
  15. NOOOOOOOOO. I’m screaming!
  16. Make some email accounts and get those free trials in.
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  17. Louisianna's look was by far the worst, but I'll accept her avoiding extermination with Violencia not looking like a supervillain and Maxi looking unfinished.

    I thought they'd wrong foot us and Violencia would pull it together at the last minute and go insane in the skydive Loris-style.

    Youvska's a lock for the top half of the competition isn't she? Her and Landon are my favourites so far.
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  18. Yovska and Landon are early faves. Evah, Dollya and Priscilla are high, too.

    Brilliant first episode.
  19. That was brilliant. Dragula is brilliant.
  20. It was... underwhelming.

    I did not agree with the winner. I thought Evah had a much more realised villain look. And Yovksa is just the best urgh cute and creepy in and out of drag, the actual best.
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