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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. The "30 second" fuck up better not get this cancelled. I want to watch it now. But at least someone has uploaded old episodes of The Ricki Lake Show...
  2. It's back!
  3. The production values seem slightly improved and this is getting better and better with each episode. The creativity of these queens is off the scale brilliant. Vander Von Odd is clearly the best queen in the bunch though. It's fucking ridiculous in places, but I love it. Pure gory camp fun.

    The Boulet Brothers are on to a winner with Dragula. I love them.

    I'll give a more detailed review soon.
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  4. Vander smashed it once again. I live for, die for and get rudely reanimated into bloody hellspawn by all ha gothic fairytale/folklore ensembles. Taking up the BouBros challenge only to thereby decimate those pig brains like breakfast AND act her ass off through it? KWEEN. Drag race girls could never.

    Melissa also massively stepped it up after the last two pageantry attempts at horror. I was close to writing her off but strangling the male model with that bloodied umbilical cord baby dummy was grim to the max.

    I did appreciate Loris' look but agreed with the BouBros that it wasn't really that relevant for the challenge. Was she meant to be the evil bunny from that 'House' Japanese horror film? I got mutant/lab experiment or demon not zombie alas. Her 'dramatic' speech at the extermination being scuppered by the rabbit prosthetics not coming off was unintentionally hilarious. I was almost certain she'd be going home because of that but happy she's got another shot.

    Didn't think Meatball or Frankie Doom were really that impressive this week either. Them & Foxie would have been my bottom 3 but I do think Frankie has more to show. Xochi hasn't bettered her Possessed Victorian Maid Witch look yet so I wonder if she can claw her way back into this.

    Oops sorry bit of a ramble but I'm loving how barbaric, visceral and hugely artistic this all is.
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  5. Low budget but enjoying the show and it's a refreshing change from drag race which I still love but it's become too scripted to fully enjoy.

    I agree about the microphones and some production values that would make it a bit better but it's such a great Independent effort.

    I actually really like Loris this week although she is a tad dramatic.

    The taller Boulet Brother sounds like Ray from Everybody Loves Raymond.
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  6. Also, the taller BB is Dracmorda and the shorter BB is Swanthula.
  7. Xochi needs to fight harder because at this point it's a two-way race between Vander and Melissa.
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  8. So on point, especially after watching ep. 3, I agree with your assesment of each and every one of them.

    This was a great episode, the BB might have been stiff at first but they now have gotten really into it and their judging was so good. I agreed with every point they made. I wish they had gotten somebody like Linnea Quigley to judge the challenge, I doubt she would have been that expensive to get really.

    I do think judging the extermination on its own Foxie should have stayed over Loris, but taking into consideration all things else and the fact that Foxie isn't really a Drag supermonster and Loris while misunderstanding the assignment and gagging on those brains is such a great look-queen who fits into the show much better, the right decision was made.
  9. I skipped the extermination bit cause I don't need to see people gagging teebs.
    It's all so awful but intriguing at same time. Half of me just wants to watch the outfit RuView with Raja and Raven, skipping the show.
  10. Yes at this being 41 minutes long!
  11. And The Boulet Brothers are chewing the scenery...or should that be shrubbery? I love it so much.
  12. It's gearing up so much now and I'm loving it.

    That ending cruel. Got my hopes up and then BAM. Justice for [REDACTED].

    At least she looked SNATCHED.
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  13. Oh my God. Each scene brings a new highlight, my favourite being:

    The moment the queens make Loris recreate her speech from last week in the dressing room, complete with the leg on the table...
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  14. The queens cheer...

    "Oh shut up!"

    I also love that...

    ...for their basic pretty bitch looks, the queens mostly resemble Trixie Mattel, whether or not that was on purpose I don't know.
  15. This is getting really vicious now, isn't it? I'm halfway through and completely gripped.
  16. Is it me or is Meatball proving herself to be a bit of a dark horse?
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  17. Great episode, the production on the runway is always quite weak which is a shame considering their actual looks can be fantastic sometimes. They should shoot each girl in a studio/against a screen etc

    Surprised at the elimination but yes,as stated above,the last looks were great

    I don't feel invested in any girl etc but its fun to watch
  18. Screaming at Melissa going IN on Loris after everyone else neutering their criticism and trying to be nice.
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  19. It was a bit tough to watch, because they've been so supportive of each other. But she wasn't wrong. Loris is so talented but a bit too clean for punk drag. Also, I think it'll be tough to choose a winner, after much as I adore Vander Von Odd, when I think 'punk drag' I instinctively think of the likes of Meatball and Frankie Doom.
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