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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Nice to see them do a lipsync challenge, the endless set of death drops, outfit tearaways and constant slipping on the heckler missiles was golden. Frankie Doom saved herself big time by crawling along the floor with her PC music plastic doll look eating up the food. First time I've really been impressed by Meatball & she deserved her win. The Heathers meets Clueless persona was great.

    I'm not surprised at who went to be honest:
    Xochi had been coasting for weeks after the reptilian wrestler look didn't pan out so well whereas, as borderline-iconic a mess Loris was becoming, the girls were kinda right that she's a couple of years away from being there.
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  2. Next episode up
  3. Hence why I only like to be in drag for a maximum of 3 hours (and I shave at the latest opportunity available).
  4. Fun episode. The sea challenge was great. Frankie and Meatball were very awkward to watch on stage. I love Peaches, I interviewed her last year and she was so sweet.
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  5. Frankie was the only good one for me. I'll admit here and now that I don't go to a lot of drag shows so don't know what the norm is, but they all felt like they were 2% too slow. I'd have been jumping straight into the crowd, chucking chicken strips about, rubbing fake blood on cute boys in the audience... it's supposed to be wild and monstrous but nobody brought that, apart from Frankie in patches.

    Also, Heklina looks EXACTLY like Mrs. Kasha Davis. It was quite unsettling.
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  6. Exactly that's what I expected. I've been performing for six years now and any time a new girl first performs its awkward and they do things like pull audience members on stage or just roll around the place which is why those two had me a bit awkward when they had such a big opp performing in that venue. They all looked great though! My guess is that Vander will win. A few stumbles on stage but overall she's been great.
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  7. Ugh, maybe I should start doing drag, I can map out in my head exactly what they're all doing right and wrong and what they should be doing better. It just seems so obvious.
  8. If this comes back for a second season they REALLY need to invest in a boom mic.
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  9. Melissa's performance wasn't punk rock in the slightest. Looking back at the competition, she tends to stick out for the "wrong" reasons, monster drag is not what she does and I guess she only got this far cause she is the biggest name on the cast.
    Vender was the best again. Crown her already.
    Frankie Doom being in the top3 is crazy, she has been mediocre since episode 1.
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  10. Heklina looked like the love child of Kasha Davis and Lady Bunny. Terrifying.
  11. I am really enjoying Dragula. I sometimes prefer it to Drag Race, in all honesty. This episode ramped up the tension and not all the queens managed to rise to the occasion. Thank goodness Heklina trashed 'the death drop' because I'm so tired of watching queens drop during songs. I groaned when Melissa started gyrating onstage. Not that she gave a bad performance, she was good, but to fill your slot with those cheap dance moves that nearly every two-bit drag queen does wasn't for me. I'm also shocked at how much they all hated Loris. What didn't we see behind the scenes?

    Vander Von Odd is so very special and she has to win. She is the complete package as a drag performer. Frankie Doom should be a nice second place. Pure charisma and talent. Melissa and Meatball slipped up in that episode, which was a shame because they shouldn't have bungled on such a big platform as Trannyshack (sorry, Mother). The Boulet Brothers, however, are always the highlight of each episode and it's great to see Dragula gaining a cult audience. I still want the theme song for Dragula on my iPod.
  12. She's too 'Drag Race' for Dragula.

    I love Frankie Doom and I feel there has definitely been an evolution from Episode One. Yes, she relies on those 'monster teeth' too much, but when I think of Punk Drag...Frankie is pretty much what I expect to see.

    I'm also glad someone mentioned Sharon Needles. I've been waiting for someone to mention her since the first episode.
  13. Vander is so far ahead of the others (including the eliminated ones) that it's not even funny. She's going to have to mess up spectacularly for them not to give her the crown.

    Even if it didn't come off quite how she wanted, I screamed when she peacocked.

    I would have cut either Melissa or Frankie if it was up to me. Melissa in particular gives me nothing.
  14. I think Vander is becoming my favourite drag queen. From her name to her aesthetic, I love everything she's been giving.
    A part of me wished that Melissa would've been a shock elimination in the previous episode, because I really fell for her as a performer, but this week, she was a bit of a let down. If she appeared on Drag Race, I'd definitely be rooting for her.
    Frankie represents an older interpretation of horror drag. It's a bit Divine, it's a bit Peaches Christ. And I think she delivers it very well.

    Sad to see Meatball go, she may've fallen flat, but she had the best personality of the bunch.

    If season 2 happens, we need more backstage stuff, the fact that Loris was not a nice person was news to us all.
  15. Meatball was sadly a goner after getting fed to the wolves first & floundering with that random thigh-boot-wearing stage hand in the performance challenge, not to mention seeing how understated her Sea-Monster look was in comparison to the others. Top 4 really wasn't the time for a glittery scale bathing suit. Was it just me or did anyone find the club audience really... dry? Like I couldn't tell if the girls just weren't working it enough on stage or the crowd genuinely couldn't be bothered.

    Vander is a must win at this point even if I think Frankie is the better 'monster' in a traditional sense (albeit with less clever references and fully-realised looks compared to Vander). Melissa is the equivalent of a Roxxxy or a Phi Phi in the final 3 - pushed through purely on an overwhelming unflinching desire to win despite not ever really being the right choice for the title.
  16. Has anyone seen the film Dark Floors with Lordi? I was just watching and thought "If Dragula was a film..."
  17. If Frankie's sea monster look hadn't been so fantastic I would have been really upset he made it over Meatball, but I guess it's fine. If he wins, though..
  18. Who from the cast will we see on Drag Race?
  19. Vander could do it, 100%. She's such a pro that she could pull off glam in a breathtaking way.

    We'd probably get Melissa BeYawn though.
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  20. Melissa Befierce is typical filler queen that gets sent home 4th.
    Vander could be a front runner, really, she can act, perform, has a refined aesthetic and can beat her face in different and interesting ways.
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