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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. More info here.

    It's a two hour special, and the winner gets resurrected to compete on Season 4.

    Not what I expected, but it should be interesting.
  2. I'm here for this idea, any word on who will be competing?
  3. I like the idea except I think the fact the winner will then also come back to compete on season 4 is a bit much.
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  4. I like the idea of the comeback queen having to “earn” her spot, it can spare us from another Cynthia Lee Fountain-style fiasco. However, I don’t see them wasting potential all stars contestants on this, we’ll probably have a bunch of early outs and someone like Erika Klash as the winner.
  5. The blurb has likely given away one monster:

    Priscilla, as she's the only one that resides in North Carolina

    So I'd actually have faith in the cast.
  6. This is probably only happening because of COVID and them having to delay season 4 but they still wanted to give us something. So, I'm not mad at it.
    I'm just thinking now of how unfair Season 4 might be to have a bunch of newbies competing against the winner of this- someone who potentially did well in their original season as well.
  7. Uno


    Ooh, this is a really fuckin cool idea - I wish Drag Race would do something like this!
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  8. God I hope Abhora is involved
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  10. It's difficult to say who would be asked and who would say yes...
    If this is for the early outs, then I wouldn't mind seeing Felony, Dahli or Yovska getting another shot.

    Edit: Evah has shared the post on her insta, so maybe she's coming back.
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  11. Shudder? I assume that's the new network paying for Dragula.
  12. Yaaaaaay, this is such good news! I hope they give St Lucia another shot.
  13. DISASTERINA or else.
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  14. I suppose it's a bit like Drag Race All Stars 3 with Bebe coming back, except that they know beforehand.
  15. I’m ready for the mess and the RETURN OF THE ICONIQUE HOLLOW EVE.

    If she’s returning that is...
  16. Love that they've partnered with Shudder.
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  17. Victoria, Dollya, Madd, Hollow, Abhora, Disasterina and Meatball please.
  18. Let's face it: Meatball has this in the bag.
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